Dabbing Tools For First-Timer Cannabis Users

Marijuana dabbing is the latest cannabis consumption method taking everyone by storm in the recent few years. Known for delivering the most potent effects among other consumption methods, it is not surprising that many are curious about trying it for themselves. However, before taking your first dab, you first need to secure all the special dabbing tools you need to enjoy the experience of dabbing cannabis fully.

Below are the primary tools you need in your dabbing session, as well as some brief guides on how to choose the best equipment and tools and their specific uses to savor your dab smoothly and quickly. Please take note that these tools are essential for you to master dabbing and get used to its process.

Dabbing Tools For First-timers

An Oil or Dab Rig

The Dab rig is essentially the core thing among the dabbing tools and is always the first to be picked by buyers before the rest of the other equipment. Dab rig looks similar to a glass bong, but they differ in their overall structure since a dab rig has a glass joint that holds the nail instead of a bowl, which we will discuss further later. The joint that can be used in the rig can be male or female and usually ranges from either 14mm or 18mm.

When it comes to purchasing a dab rig, always ask the seller about its function, durability, and water capacity. Consider whether you will conduct your dabbing in one place only or will be traveling with it. This is where its sizes matter to you.

This tool varies from palm-sized to gigantic pipes. In a basic sense, it depends on your preferences, although whether big or small rig, both can still pack a punch and deliver a whole lot of flavor. The difference that one can only distinguish between the two is that bigger rigs produce smoother hits with a milder taste.

Even if you decided to buy a rig online, try to visit your local shop first and inquire about the rig. Pick up their rigs and examine how each of its parts fit together and compare its weight with other variants of rig available.

The price range of a dab rig may range under $50 for small cheaply-made rigs. But it can even cost you thousands of dollars for those rigs that are considered art pieces and crafted by famous glassblowers. If you want something that falls under a mid-range dab rig, you can get one between $100 and $250.

A tip here if you want your rig investment to be worth it is always to pay attention to the quality of its glass and its design. Rigs that are good and sturdy are commonly made of thick borosilicate glass, so always inquire if the rig that you will about to purchase is made from this material. Check for a low-profile base that won’t tip over and fall, which might happen especially for first-timers when they get a little bit careless. If you are quite worried about breaking your glass rig, you can always opt for a cheap silicone oil rig instead.

If you are running out of cash but still wanted to try dabbing, you can convert your regular water pipe into a dab rig for alternatives. You only need to replace the glass bowl of your pipe with dabbing tools attachment, which can be purchased separately online or in your local shops.

A Nail

A nail is considered the second most important among the dabbing tools to complete your dabbing set. This tool is what you heat during your session to vaporize your concentrates. It is also the piece of your dabbing set prone to break easily, so having a space needle is always a must. A nail is essential, too, since they are needed to fit the joint in your dab rig.

Nails can be classified into two types:

Domed And Domeless Models

Domed nails are the traditional nails that need a glass dome to capture the vapor, while domeless models are the modernized versions with a built-in hole where the vapor is sucked down in the rig. Borosilicate glass may be suitable for a rig, but it is the opposite of nails since it’s easy to break and can’t retain much heat. A right nail is commonly made in titanium or quartz due to the durability of these materials. Quartz, in particular, was said to produce a better flavor base in those who used it. If you can’t decide though, you can always choose to buy a composite one which is created using both the above-mentioned materials. In some other cases, many thought Titanium needles can be degraded when you use it improperly or if it’s exposed in high temperatures. But this is not proven yet.

Like rig, a nail can be quite an expensive dabbing tool. Titanium needle is considered the cheapest at $50 to $250 each piece, while Quartz can be sold for about $75 to $200.

The Optional Dome

This optional dome is a simple glass hood that goes around the nail after it’s been “dabbed.” It is one of the essential dabbing tools if you prefer the standard domed nails. But with the domeless nail available in-store, the dome is now considered an optional part of your overall dabbing set.

A Torch

Your dabbing session will never be complete without your trusty torch. Among the dabbing tools stated above, the torch is the one that you must work with extra care as well as precision. This equipment will be used to heat the nail until it’s hot enough to vaporize your concentrate. You can prefer to buy a mini-torch which is usually sold in kitchen shops. The catch is that using a mini-torch might take you a bit longer before you can vaporize your dab. With this in mind, other dabbers upgrade their torches into a more massive, propane-fueled torch similar to what plumbers are using to make their dabbing faster. A good tip in using this kind of dabbing tool is always to keep a spare butane or propane in hand.

If you are not using flames, though, there is another option that you can try in the form of electronic nails or e-nails, which can cost around $250. These e-nails don’t need any other heating device and need only to be plugged into an outlet. They have various advantages against your usual torches, such as adjusting temperatures, consistency of heat, and safety.

A Dab Tool Kit

Dabbing tools come with this kit that contain a rod made of glass and ceramic that is used to transfer your dab materials to the heated nail. This kit is vital for the most delicate part of dabbing, which includes picking up your dab under extreme heat, or you can even use them to control the overall temperature being applied to your dab.

If you want your concentrate to have an oil quality, pick a dabbing tool with a narrow and pointed tip. Spoon-shaped implements or tools are best used if you’re going to scoop out drier extracts. On the other hand, a carb cap dabber is a unique dabbing tool with a carb cap on its other end.

Although some find it as an option among dabbing devices out there, you can use this implement to create a little “oven” on your needle using it to cover its surface. It allows you to dab at low temperatures and conserves the terpenes that burn off at +700 degrees. At this rate of heat, Terpenes can give more flavor to their extracts that you will use.


The last thing you will ever need to complete your dabbing tools is the one thing that makes all your dabbing session priceless: the concentrates. Concentrates also come in various types, but do not use just any alcohol-based solvent on your dabbing session. Use only solventless extracts such as BHO and avoid QWISO and RSO. On the other hand, shatter, waxes, budder, and rosin can be made as an alternative dab if you prefer them instead.

At first, dabbing can be a little bit complicated for beginners. With all these dabbing tools and equipment that are new to you, it is understandable that some might even end up being confused about how all of these work. You can watch Youtube videos to help you grasp the necessary steps in taking your first ever dab. And of course, keep on practicing it, and in a matter of time, you will be dabbing like a pro soon.

But if you are still hesitant and are still taking your time, if you can get the hang of dabbing with all its dabbing tools, you can instead buy your vape pens designed to be used with extracts that you can enjoy with your high-quality concentrates in the meantime. Although vape pens bring a different flavor and kick compared to your dab rig, they are practically foolproof and are designed to be user-friendly.

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