How To Keep Your Cannabis Concentrates Fresh

Experienced and knowledgeable weed users would be aware that consuming cannabis concentrates is both entertaining and pleasing to the consumer. It makes the user feel euphoric after the drug’s effects kick in, although there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to consume everything you have at hand. Not everyone knows how to keep leftover dabs fresh. So, here are some ways to keep your cannabis concentrate leftovers fresh until your next use.

You may think that whatever container you have at home would be alright to keep your cannabis concentrates fresh, but cannabis isn’t like food that you can store just about anywhere. The concentrate is far more fragile than where it came. The presence of excess air, moisture, and other harmful factors would create a significant contrast for your concentrates. It would be best if you weren’t too negligent on storing your wax because anything could go wrong. Follow the right instructions, and you can assure yourself that your next hit with your saved wax is still the best and can always satisfy your taste just the way you want it!

Cannabis Concentrates

As a newbie, you might be asking what cannabis concentrates are. Cannabis concentrates, wax and dabs are generally the same things. They come from cannabis plants, and they are a light or dark brown sticky material in a form that has THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. These concentrates’ formation is by a chemical process wherein they crush the flower, and they (referring to weed growers) separate the THC that is present in flower to lessen the THC that’s present in flower.

Experienced cannabis users mostly use cannabis concentrates because they typically contain 65% of THC to 95% THC. Flowers don’t go beyond 30% of THC, which would be a more significant approach for beginners, but experienced users would have a high tolerance or have higher limits. They would instead result in taking in concentrates.

What Containers Should I Use To Keep My Concentrates Strong And Fresh?

You’re probably an experienced smoker who tends to leave leftover wax from last night. So, you might ask what containers would keep the dab you have left healthy and fresh until your next hit. There are a lot of factors to consider so that you’re assured that it’s still in its’ best condition. Here is a list of some containers that you might find “ideal,” for concentrate-storing.

1. Glass Containers

Using glass containers to store wax is the right choice. This container is ideal for concentrate-storing because first, there would be no excess air. The airtight seal of a glass container would be great for keeping unwanted air outside. You only have to make sure that your concentrates fit in the box; otherwise, there would be some difficulties. The second step is to keep it out of sunlight, and if you want to make sure that it’s still of the best condition, you could also try to wrap the dabs in parchment paper to keep it fresher.

2. Silicone Containers

Silicone containers are somehow the right choice for some users because silicone containers are cheaper than other boxes. If you’re planning to buy any silicone containers, read this first, and re-consider your choices.

Cannabis concentrates “terpenes,” which is an organic compound produced by some plants. They have a strong odour which protects the plants and deters herbivores but attracts parasites. Terpenes interact with the silicone, and if your dab is more concentrated, it may end up ruining your silicone case. Terpene is a natural solvent, and it wouldn’t be harmful unless you use a silicone container with real wax. Wouldn’t you want to smoke contaminated dabs, right? Not only is the bit infected, but it will also be exposed to excess air and moisture, making your wax unusable.

Is Freezing Cannabis Concentrates An Option To Keep It Fresh?

This question is often asked when talking about storing your concentrates. Would your concentrates stay fresh if you freeze it? Technically speaking, you can freeze your cannabis concentrates. Although it wouldn’t be a good option because it wouldn’t feel like the ecstasy you’d think before you froze it, it’s safe to freeze cannabis concentrates.

Freezing cannabis concentrates would result in the company of moisture. Too much humidity would mean that your dab is unsafe for the next use. It would hurt your lungs, and it would make your health bad. If you still want to freeze your concentrates, you can wrap your dabs in parchment paper to lessen the moisture it would receive. You could also put it in plastic bags as well after the parchment paper to make sure that no moisture will affect your concentrates. Despite the assurance, you still have to carefully do these steps, especially when the concentrates start thawing.

Short-term Storage of Concentrates

If you only plan to store your concentrates for a short period, then you can use a silicone container. A silicon container won’t harm your dabs if you’re only going to keep it in there for a few days. It costs less than a glass container, and it is the ideal container if you’re only going to stash it for a few days. You have to choose the silicone container that is opaque or not transparent. To carefully make sure that your concentrates wouldn’t be damaged, try to keep it in a cool place and away from the sunlight. You should consider double-checking the container if you already shut it tightly to avoid moisture. Try not to open the container unless you’re going to smoke the leftover dab already. You can keep it in a silicone container for up to seven days of storage.

Medium-term Storing Of Dabs

If you’re planning to keep your leftover cannabis concentrates for a bit more than one week, then you should choose to buy a glass container. Since it’s for medium-term storage, glass is the ideal container to use because it’s tight shut, it keeps moisture away, and it wouldn’t harm any of your dabs, unlike a silicone container. If you want to keep it safe, remember to put it in a cool place as well and far away from the sunlight. We suggest that you wrap your concentrates in parchment paper and put it in a resealable bag to make sure for security. After that, you have to make sure that it fits your glass container and you are ready for a medium-term hidden stash of concentrates. This storage method is best for up to four weeks.

Long-term Storage Of Wax

If you want to stash your concentrates for longer than a month, you should use an alcohol-based tincture. An alcohol-based tincture is made up of 25% – 90% of solvent concentrations. It is a solution that contains ethanol (ethyl alcohol) as its solvent. Technically, it’s a container that’s airtight and sterilized. It is kept in temperature-controlled space, and it doesn’t contain any additives like glycerin which could ruin the whole tincture. This type of method follows concentrates lasting from up to 6 months to a year.

Despite how long you’re planning to keep your stash of concentrates, you should always keep in mind the date you store your goodies. If you forget the time, then we wish you luck that it’s still consumable, and safe on the day you open it.

Why Do I Have To Store Them Properly And Carefully?

Storing your leftover concentrates appropriately, and care would be equal to escaping your downfall. Concentrates can become undesirable for consummation if not saved properly, and what does that mean? Your concentrates would be exposed to moisture, excess air, and some imbalances. Keep in mind that these dabs will be entering your body once you take them in. Taking in exposed and corrupt wax will lead to other health problems. Would you want to spend more money because you didn’t take a safety precaution or because you didn’t store your concentrates properly? Not taking a safety precaution in saving your dab is equal to not the following instruction in an exam, and that would risk everything. Storing them carefully and adequately would mean that you wouldn’t need to risk your health to experience undesirable ecstasy caused by improperly stored cannabis concentrates.

You can store them in silicone containers, glass containers, and an alcohol-based tincture. Silicone is only for the storage that lasts a week, while glass containers continue for about a month, and an alcohol-based tincture lasts from up to 6 months to one year. Make sure to place them in parchment paper and resealable bags before putting them into the containers, and don’t forget to make sure that your leftover dabs fit in the boxes. Don’t place them near the sunlight; instead, keep them in cool spaces. Remember to make sure that the container is tightly closed, and you’re ready to keep your dabs fresh in either short-term, medium-term, and long-term storage. You can enjoy using your leftover dabs without worrying that it might be expired or not active anymore!