Autoflowering Cannabis Plants and Its Benefits

Autoflowering cannabis plants have been in the spotlight in the weed business after it was released. It has been a go-to alternative for other novice growers of other cannabis businesses. Still, it is now harvested less because after the release of Lowryder, which is also an autoflowering Ruderalis plant, a small hybrid mix that can thrive in colder climates which are grown more in the northern part of the globe, autoflowering cannabis plants were rumored to have bad characteristics and that it was unideal for consumers. Still, although Lowryder has received a lot of attention and backlash, both novice and advanced growers finally see that other varieties of autoflowering cannabis plants have a lot more potential than Lowryder despite its decline in the business.

What Is An Autoflowering Cannabis Plant?

An autoflowering cannabis plant is a small flower that grows according to the plant’s age and the time that it has thrived, and not according to its photoperiod. Photoperiod is an organic term which is defined as the period of time that a plant or an organism receives illumination or light. Autoflowering plants are usually grown at the end of summer, or the beginning of autumn.

The plant’s autoflowering trait is only exclusive to Cannabis Ruderalis, which is a hardy subspecies that came from Russia, Central, and Eastern Europe. It is bred from the family of Cannabis Indica, which is focused on creating a relaxing and body-centred high sensation to the user. Still, the Cannabis Ruderalis plant grows according to its age, and unlike Indica and Sativa, it can grow without the need of illumination or its photoperiod.

The autoflowering Cannabis Ruderalis seed has the benefit of having a short flowering time. They have the ability to grow faster, and since they are natives to more relaxed environments like Indicas, it would make them grow and thrive in any condition which would be a great advantage to your weed businesses.

Autoflowering Strains Only Have Odor But No Sensations?

Multiple varieties of autoflowering cannabis plants received a lot of inadequate responses and backlash from the weed business and the weed growers after its release of the first autoflowering plant variety that became commercially available during the 2000s. They first released the strain Lowryder.

The Joint Doctor gave birth to Lowryder. The Joint Doctor is a bank of seeds that produces autoflowering plants. It has many varieties like Lowryder and Ruderalis, Indica, Sativa, feminized, regular, and super strength cannabis seeds.

The Lowryder only grew 40 cm, and it thrived after 40 days. A large group of people thought of it as a breakthrough in the cannabis business. Still, some growers thought otherwise because of its low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and tiny yields. A lot of assumptions from various growers spread in the cannabis business that auto strains don’t have potentiality and that it wasn’t right to grow those types of strains. These rumors spread quite well and rapidly throughout the community, and because of this, a lot of people dismissed strains from autoflowering plants as an “all smell, no-hit” type of strain, but today, they are proven wrong.

A lot of new varieties were cultivated after the introduction of Lowryder. Breakthroughs and advancements have been possible in the weed growing business, and it paved the way for more amazing auto varieties from various reputable seed banks. Now, you can find strains grown from autoflowering cannabis plants that have the same potency as photoperiod strains in any store today!

The Benefits Of Autoflowering Seeds

Everyone in the cannabis growing business should try and experiment with autoflowering varieties! It is potent despite its differences, and if you think otherwise, this is the list that will prove you wrong. Enumerated below are the benefits of cultivating autoflowering cannabis strains:

They Grow Faster Than Usual Plants

Autoflowering strains can grow and thrive anytime. Those types of strains aren’t dependent on the climate and its conditions, and they grow faster. Indoor grown photoperiod stains reportedly take over more than 10 weeks to produce buds, and outdoor photoperiod strains take as much as a few months before harvest depending on the day that they were planted or cultivated.

Those types of strains that depend on their growth on its photoperiod take up more time to harvest than autoflowering cannabis plants. Auto varieties only take up approximately 45-50 days to grow and are already ready for the harvest, unlike regular strains that take up to a few months. Due to the presence of ruderalis genetics, they only need a short amount of time to grow abundantly, and you’ll get sweet and sticky buds that are ready for harvest.

You Have The Choice Of Having A Multiple Harvest

Autoflowering cannabis plants give the opportunity to growers to cultivate more strains per year because of the fast flowering, unlike photoperiod strains that take a few months before harvest. It is very beneficial for outdoor growers and most importantly, for growers who decide to cultivate strains in a colder climate with shorter summers.

When you try experimenting with auto varieties, you should always keep in mind that the yield isn’t as much as what you get from photoperiod strains. It is because of the small size of the auto varieties, but growing more auto varieties would mean multiple harvests in the same period of time that would be equivalent to one fully matured photoperiod strain.

Growing An Auto Variety Is Easier Than Other Plants

Cannabis Ruderalis comes from Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and some colder regions of North America. The Cannabis Ruderalis autoflowering plants grow in more stringent conditions which makes them stronger in other circumstances.

Due to their genetic makeup, autoflowering varieties have the most resilient characteristics in the Ruderalis family. They became tougher due to the climate they’ve grown in. These plants still thrive even when it comes to seasons with colder conditions, garden pests, diseases, and as well as infections.

Everything found that is in an autoflowering plant is an ideal plan for novice growers and even for experienced cultivators that live in colder areas and also for those who are searching for tougher plants that can adjust and still grow to its’ best despite the climate.

They Have A Small Stature

Autoflowering cannabis varieties have a tiny size that doesn’t go more than 1 or 1.2 meters. The plants are known to be short statured because of their small size. Short statured plants like the autoflowering plants are ideal for both indoor growers and outdoor growers. Indoor growers who work in small and confined places will have an advantage because they can cultivate more auto varieties than the usual, and they can harvest more as well. Outdoor gardeners can just run their operations with more harvest freely and smoothly because of the auto varieties’ size. Autoflowering plants have only a small size, but there have been cases today wherein some plants grow taller beyond their expected height.

Although growers who wish to cultivate autoflowering plants should remind themselves that because of the autoflowering plant’s small stature, autoflowering strains don’t produce as much as a 2 meter tall Sativa, as stated before, autoflowering varieties have the benefit of multiple harvests which makes up for their lack in size.

Grow An Auto Today

Autoflowering cannabis plants are small-statured plants that grow up to two meters tall. This variety of weed comes from Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, and Northern America, wherein the climate is in colder conditions. They grow in terms of their age and not of the usual – photoperiod, which is the amount of illumination an organism or plant receives. The first released variety of the autoflowering plant is called the Lowryder. It comes from a seed bank called the Joint Doctor. This seed bank also gave birth to other autoflowering plant varieties. Although after the release of Lowryder during the 2000s, it didn’t do well in the weed business and it received a hard blow from the consumers because of the different rumors and backlash. Growers dismissed it as all smell, no punch. However, many novice and experienced weed growers discovered that it grows faster than usual seeds, it can help you in harvesting more strains, it becomes easier than photoperiod types, and you can harvest more strains because of its small stature. The autoflowering plant has the ability to thrive both indoor and outdoor with any given condition unlike typical types wherein it needs the perfect climate to cultivate, and it grows faster, unlike photoperiod types that take up to a few months. Novices finally understand the potential of autoflowering cannabis plants.

Autoflowering cannabis was in the spotlight in the weed business after it was released. For other novice growers from other cannabis businesses it was a go-to alternative. Nevertheless, it is now harvested less, as auto-flowering cannabis plants were rumored to have bad characteristics and were unideal for consumers. Nonetheless, although Lowryder has received a lot of attention and backlash, novices and advanced growers finally see that other varieties of cannabis auto-flowering plants have more potential, as what we have found in this article.

We hope you do realize it too after reading this article! You should try and experiment with cultivating an autoflowering cannabis plant today!