The Good Times of Cannabis: 4/20 and 710

Everyone wants to remember and celebrate the good times of cannabis.Since cannabis was introduced to people, it gained popularity due to its beneficial effects. It was known for its industrial use; on the other hand; marijuana is used for its medical benefits.

There is widespread cannabis use in many countries, such as Canada and the United States of America. In Canada, cannabis use for both legal and recreational was legalized. For the United States, state laws allow the use of cannabis but with several restrictions, such as its usage and dosage. The limit varies across the states.

4/20 was declared as a cannabis holiday. It takes place on the 20th of April. However, when dabbing becomes a trend, users take 710 as a celebration for dabbing. 710 signifies the word oil, which is the primary ingredient in dabbing.

Smoking weed or dabbing is not just a recreational method; it also optimizes users’ wellness if done in moderation. Everyone loves to celebrate the good times of cannabis; thus, everyone wants to push through a holiday for dabbing as an additional celebration.

What is 710?

The term 710 refers to the recognized holiday for smoking cannabis oil products. Similar to 420, it is the dabber’s way of celebrating the good times of cannabis by using dabs, vapes, cartridges, and other tools related to dabbing. Dabbers usually use shatter, hash oil, honey was oil, and many more.

What is 420?

420 is a slang of the cannabis culture. This also refers to the cannabis celebration of the good times of cannabis every 20th of the month.

How Is Smoking Cannabis Different From Dabbing?

Smoking cannabis refers to the inhalation process of smoke or vapors released through heating any cannabis products. THC is released in this process, which is absorbed by the bloodstream through the lungs. Archeological evidence indicates that smoking cannabis with a high THC level was done by the ancestors 2,500 years ago.

On the other hand, dabbing is the method of using cannabis concentrates. It is done by dropping any CBD contrite into a hot surface then allowing it to vaporize. It is suggested to be a safer and healthier method than smoking marijuana. It enables the user to get the potent flavors effect quicker. However, medical experts already warn users about the risks of dabbing.

Benefits Of Dabbing

Proponents of dabbing claimed that it is safer and healthy compared to smoking. In dabbing, users directly breathe in vapor compared to smoking in which users can breathe in the smoke from burning leaves.

This allows the user to inhale the cannabis compound resulting in a high directly. Its effect is faster and more reliable while giving less harm to the user’s lungs. It is suitable for users who want to boost their cannabis experience and for users who want relief for chronic pains.

Medical cannabis users do not typically use dabs. However, dabbing can theoretically be an efficient route for acute symptoms due to its quick effect. Compared to the other inhalation methods, dabbing delivers a high dose of cannabinoids in one inhalation.

In a study performed at Albany University, researchers found that dabbing has no accidents compared to smoking cannabis flowers.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cannabis?

Cannabis contains CBD and THC. They are compounds of cannabis that have beneficial effects on their users. For inexperienced users that wonder how cannabis affects the body, here are the listed benefits of cannabis:

Relief of Chronic Pain

Cannabis contains cannabinoids. This compound is linked by professionals to help relieve chronic pain due to its reaction to CB1 and CB2 receptors. Among the chronic pain that it mitigates are neuropathic pain and spasticity related to multiple sclerosis.

Improves Lung Capacity

The research suggested that smoking cannabis enhances lung function. This may be due to the inhaling process that allows the muscles of the chest to work out. In the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that low to moderate users show an improved lung capacity.

This study was done with a comparison of tobacco smokers and marijuana smokers. The result seems hard to believe, but even researchers were shocked by the result. However, since this study used several people as subjects, researchers couldn’t just undergo the fact revealed by this study.

Helps in Weight Loss

Surprisingly, most of the time, cannabis users are not fat; neither are they obese. This is because cannabis helps in losing weight. Cannabis may create cellular changes that impact weight. Also, it lowers the cholesterol level. Researchers also suggested that cannabis aids your body in regulating insulin while it helps manage the caloric intake.

The studies on weight loss are backed up by results from thousands of experiment subjects in the study. Further studies have to be done yet to back-up concluded Research On Cannabis And Weight Loss.

Regulates And Prevents Diabetes

Considering the impact of cannabis on insulin, it may help prevent diabetes and regulate the blood sugar level.

Cannabis is reported to stabilize blood sugar, regulate high blood pressure, and improves blood circulation.

As a vasodilator, cannabis helps open up the blood vessels that aids in the proper circulation of blood.

Helps Treat Cancer

The use of cannabis is associated with helping users in fighting cancer. Among the listed benefits of cannabis in cancer patients are quelling nausea, increasing appetite, suppressing vomiting, soothing pain, and relieving anxiety. Some producers of cannabis raise the excellent effect of cannabis products in aiding near-death anxiety.

Medical cannabis is helpful for cancer patients after chemo, in which they experience tremendous physical stress.

Aids in Depression

Over time, depression becomes widespread. It is a condition associated with insomnia, anxiety, stress disorders, and other mental health problems. In a study conducted by the researchers of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions, they found out that the endocannabinoids activate the same receptors as many as that of marijuana.

When a test was done on rats, researchers concluded that cannabis might help restore the function of the endocannabinoid function.

Thus, it helps in aiding depression.

Regulate Seizures in Epilepsy

THC and CBD are the main cannabinoids used in the treatment of epilepsy. Epidiolex is a plant-based formulation of CBD approved by the FDA to treat people aging two years old and above having Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

Anecdotal reports and laboratory studies suggested that cannabis helps in the regulation of seizures among people with Epilepsy. However, side effects may occur. The right dosage and constant doctor consultation are necessary when using cannabis products for epilepsy.

See your doctor now and get a piece of advice.

What Are The Available Cannabis Products In The Market?

Every cannabis user is aware of the trend in cannabis production and its market. For newbies, here is the list of cannabis products that are available in different forms and concentrations. You can visit the famous online shops to shop for these products.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is available in most cannabis shops. Bottles are available from 30ml to 60ml, and concentration varies. CBD is a trend. It has little to no THC level, which is safe when random drug testing is done in the workplace.

Make sure to get some advice from shop owners for the best selling cannabis oil. Do not also forget to take the right dosage.

Cannabis Beauty and Skincare Products

Cannabis comes in many forms, and manufacturers started to venture into beauty products. Companies like Lord Jones offer exquisite CBD-infused skincare products to the users. It has fewer THC levels, which makes it safe for everyone to use. Lip balms, cream, and lotion are available in most cannabis shops.

It also comes in different flavors.

Cannabis Chocolates

Cannabis chocolates are among the user’s favorite when shopping for on-the-go cannabis products. Most cannabis chocolates contain very less THC and are allowed by law. So, anyone can bring it inside their bags.

However, the user must not forget to check the restrictions on cannabis products across the states for safety.

Cannabis Gummies

The same with the chocolate cannabis, gummies are the all-time favorite for on-the-go users. It is easy to take and has different flavors that will surely satisfy every customer’s taste bud. It comes in vegan and natural flavors. Other manufacturers produce gummies that are sugar-free but still with tasty flavors.


The discovery of the cannabis plant is one of the many significant developments for humanity. It does not only provide jobs for the people industry. It also helps people in naturally alleviating medical conditions.

Given this, it is safe to say that celebrations of the good times of cannabis such as 420 and 710 are well-deserved by members of the cannabis community. These celebrations not only commemorate the people behind the discovery of cannabis but also spread awareness of the importance and benefits of cannabis to humanity. It helps end the stigma of using cannabis even for medical conditions due to the fear of inexperienced people’s fear of judgment.

Hopefully, with the rising fame of new products released in the market, many research types will be conducting further research on its use.