Cannabis Pens or Vape Pens: How Do They Work?

In the world of cannabis consumption, there are many ways for consumers to get their high from consuming their cannabis product of choice. One of these ways of consuming cannabis is through cannabis pens or vape pens. Consumers can choose from either consuming baked goods infused with cannabis, commonly called edibles, to drinking them as cannabis-infused beverages called drinkables. You can consume them as plain-looking capsules infused with cannabis, or as tinctures, oils, or even butters.

However, aside from those mentioned ways on how consumers can consume their cannabis products (no pun intended), there is also another way of smoking and vaping cannabis. This is done via the use of dedicated tools for smoking and vaping. Now, you might be wondering how vaping works with cannabis. Surprisingly enough, vaping for cannabis is just like how regular vaping works, except that the solution you will use in your vaping tool is infused with cannabis on it (usually an oil-based solution).

This is where a cannabis pen (or a vape pen as called by other consumers) comes into the picture, as it is the primary tool for vaping cannabis. Vaping cannabis is much more popular than smoking cannabis. Between the two of them, vaping is much easier to do since its tools are modern and compact, unlike most smoking tools that use traditional instruments that are mostly fragile and clunky.

But what precisely are cannabis pens? How does one use such a device when he or she wants to consume cannabis on-the-go and discreetly? And, is it much safer to use than the traditional way of smoking cannabis? In this article, we will look into those questions and their corresponding answers to encourage yourself to use a cannabis pen.

What are Cannabis Pens?

As mentioned earlier, cannabis pens or vape pens are dedicated tools for vaping cannabis material, usually in the form of oils or tinctures in a cartridge designed to be used with a cannabis pen. As the name suggests, it is a regular long, cylindrical pen-shaped device with a button on it for releasing the vape inside for the user to puff once pressed. A cannabis pen has three parts: chamber (for the cartridge), battery (as a power source), and a heating source (used for heating the mixture inside the round to turn it into vape). Those three essentials are the main components of a cannabis pen or a vaping device in general.

Sometimes, its shape is like that of an e-cigarette vaping device, wherein instead of a fully pen-shaped device, it has a rectangular-shaped bottom for the placement of the cartridge containing the cannabis mixture inside (mostly oil-based cannabis) and its battery. It is usually ample for more prolonged usage and consumption time.

However, some designs retain the pen-shape though they may have a slim, rectangular design with rounded edges. Usually, their bottom half is either removable or can be opened to insert the cartridge and the battery placement for the pen.

This device’s usage is relatively simple; puff the device as you would on a regular, traditional cigarette, and enjoy the high you will get from the vape. Just make sure that the device itself has enough power for your use, and that it is clean before you use it, as you would with any other device. Most cannabis pens give you the freedom to choose how your vape’s temperature will come out, while others have a modest amount of warmth presets stored in the device.

Now, when it comes to what can be vaped by a cannabis pen, the available cannabis mixtures or concentrates that you can use will depend on the type of cannabis pen that you will use on your end. Let us now look into the kinds of cannabis mixtures and concentrates that you can use for your cannabis pen in the next part below.

Cannabis Mixtures and Concentrates That You Can Use with Cannabis Pens

Not all cannabis pens are created equal, and therefore, they cannot be used with all types of cannabis mixtures and cannabis concentrates. Before purchasing a cannabis pen to use, a user must first research what cannabis mixture or concentrate he or she wants to consume. Sure, some cannabis pens can use most cannabis mixtures and concentrates without any problem. Still, those who are new to using cannabis pens would surely not know this fact at all, making their experience with cannabis pens and its consumption, in general, a massive mess in the end.

There are three types of cannabis mixtures or concentrates a cannabis pen is compatible with, which are further listed below:

1. Oils

This is a standard type of cannabis that can be consumed with cannabis pens. The problem with this is that the user must manually load it to the cannabis pen cartridge, potentially making the filling process messy on their end. Additionally, it is one of the cannabis types that are hard to clean after usage due to its sticky nature, making the cleaning experience a chore. However, all of those negatives are outweighed by the high potency this type brings when vaped, making it a favorite among cannabis pen users.

2. Wax

This type of cannabis is the most compatible with most cannabis pen types available in the market today. It is also accessible to users who only want moderate potency from their consumed cannabis, making it perfect for those consumers who are always on-the-go and want to get their cannabis fix without getting too high from their consumption. This type of concentrate is notably extracted with Butane, making it very easy to be vaped, unlike the other products that you can use in a cannabis pen. It is also one of the cannabis types that can be easily cleaned from your pen’s cartridge, making its cleaning process a breeze to handle.

3. Dry Herb

The last type of cannabis that a cannabis pen can handle and convert into vapor can be vaped; it is considered the classic cannabis type to be consumed with a cannabis pen. It is composed of a dry bud extracted from its plant during harvest and is known as one of the cannabis types having the most phenomenal taste of all the types a cannabis pen can handle. Additionally, it is easier to be loaded and cleaned afterwards than wax, making this one of the preferred cannabis types of new cannabis consumers through the vaping method via cannabis pens. However, this cannabis type’s potency will hugely vary and may depend on the bud and strain used, so it will be under the consumer’s discretion on what to use for maximum strength and effect.

Is Vaping Cannabis Safer Than Smoking It?

One of the biggest questions for this consumption method of cannabis is the safety of this consumption type and the accompanying advantages it has against smoking cannabis. Many studies have already proven that it’s safer than others, Most of the benefits of vaping have been listed below:

  • Decreased respiratory symptoms with vaping cannabis, unlike with smoking cannabis.
  • Vapors are usually toxic-free since it doesn’t require combustion, unlike smoking.
  • No additional byproducts that are similar to that of smoking are produced when it comes to vaping.

Furthermore, many studies show that smoking cannabis produces a higher risk of contracting the most common respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer. Therefore, most experts prefer the vaping consumption method instead of the smoking consumption method to avoid those said possible health risks one can potentially have.


As we have read in this article, using cannabis pens for cannabis consumption is very user-friendly and secure. The tool itself (the pen) is designed for ease of use and comfort, while providing a discreet way to consume your chosen cannabis on-the-go, without attracting unwanted attention to your end. This article will help you consume your cannabis moderately, and can make you take precautionary measures when smoking.

Cannabis pens or vape pens are specialized devices for the vaporization of cannabis products, typically in the form of oils or tinctures in a cartridge intended for use with a pen. As the name suggests, it is a standard long , cylindrical pen-shaped tool with a button on it to release the vape inside so that once pressed, the user can puff out. Additionally, the modern, compact, and stylish designs of most cannabis pens make it blend with everyday, modern devices that we are regularly using daily in our everyday lives. Unlike traditional smoking tools such as joints and bongs (which are very fragile due to their glass structure and frame), most cannabis pens designed and produced today are durable and lightweight, lasting a long time before breaking down.

Lastly, most cannabis pens are easy to use for new users and old patrons of the said device, making it universally accessible to the consuming public. And the studies made by most medical experts show that vaping is a safer alternative, unlike smoking, which can cause respiratory problems to its user in the long run.

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