420 In The Cannabis World: What Does It Mean?

4/20 or 4:20 or 420 or April 20 is one of the most important days that pot smokers cherish a lot. It is the celebration of cannabis users around the world to unite with friends while having a toke. 4:20 is a number that can refer to cannabis uses, the time for cannabis to smoke, and the day that cannabis will be appreciated. 4:20 in the cannabis world has a significant meaning. It is the day where smokers can enjoy and appreciate cannabis uses. The tradition of cannabis way back is a secret due to the fact that cannabis is not still legal during that time. And now that cannabis has been legalized, the tradition and culture are growing rapidly. 

Everyone knows that 4:20 is the time to smoke weed. And everyone knows that 4:20 is the International Cannabis Day. But not many people know that. For those who have no idea about cannabis, of course, the number 4:20 is nothing. Let’s take a look and learn more about the 4:20 in the cannabis world.

What is 4:20?

4:20 is a celebration for the cannabis world. There are explanations why this cannabis celebration happens on this day, but the real reason remains a mystery for many people. 4:20 is not either a birthday or a date of death of an important person. It is the number of the room that The Grateful Dead asked for when they traveled. But it is not always. It is the famous Hitler’s birthday too, but that has been forgotten and even not related to the cannabis world. There could be a lot of numbers that are similar to the celebration day of cannabis. But most people will think that it’s someone’s celebration.

To start with, based on real history, there is a group of students who came from San Rafael High School who mostly smoke during the 4:20 time at their specific location. They are known as the WALDOS, who are searching for the hidden cannabis with a map that is given by cannabis growers. This tradition has been proven, and it became popular. This tale has continued to spread even though no one is sure if it’s true or not. But the only thing that is very true is that 4:20 in the cannabis world is a tradition where smokers celebrate, and it is known as the time for smoking. It is the Appreciation Day in the cannabis world. 

As cannabis grows faster before it has been legalized, 4:20 in the cannabis world will depend on the person’s understanding. Some users want to have fun and get high. Some think that 4:20 is the celebration of the legalization of cannabis. Both cannabis smokers and non-smokers celebrate April 20 or 4:20 as a national holiday for cannabis tradition and culture, but few people know where it originated.

4:20 Cannabis Celebrations

4:20 in the cannabis world celebrations depend on the places around the world. It is considered as the best time to smoke a joint and chill. In other places, the 20th of April is a day that many people celebrate around the world; it brings people closer together to enjoy the cannabis experience. One of the most well-known 4:20 celebrations was the Cannabis protest in 2006, in which more than thousands of protestors made a giant 15m long joint to the Whitehouse. In 2017, the activists from an organization have decided to have a different kind of protest where they made at least 1000 joints to the group of congress and the press who were aged 21 years old for them to give an effort against the discrimination. They said that the celebration is for their rights to make decisions on their own, not for the government. The celebration of 4:20 in the cannabis world is all over the country. 

After the discussion of the 4:20 in the cannabis world, people should know the different types of cannabis consumption. There are many ways on how cannabis is consumed. This depends on the person. Cannabis is consumed in different ways. As 4:20 is being celebrated, people should know what the different ways of consuming it are. These are the main ways on how to consume cannabis, and it includes inhalation, oral, and topical. Each technique has its uniqueness and characteristics that make it more appropriate for the users.

Types of Cannabis Consumption

  • Inhalation – it is the quickest way of consuming cannabis. Most of the users much prefer using it in this way because it is usually an easy way. The effects of inhalation are faster than the others. Those people who use cannabis for medical purposes get more benefits through its effects. People who take cannabis in this way say that you may experience the effects within a few minutes after you inhale.
  • Oral – it can also be consumed orally in the form of edibles, capsules, or oils. In this way, the effect will usually be slow, but it is more powerful, and it will last longer. People who consume in this way will usually feel the effects within a minute, and it will last longer.
  • Topical – it is a way of consuming cannabis through skin application. These are in the form of lotions, and oils that are applied throughout the skin for some reasons. The cannabinoids stay in our skin in this way and work there to lessen the pain you are experiencing. This is a well-known procedure, especially with older users, because it works well on reducing pain like arthritis, and it is non-psychoactive, or it doesn’t affect your brain—the effects through topical use lasts for more than one hour.

As you get familiar with the 4:20 in the cannabis world, you should also need to familiarize yourself on the different ways on how cannabis is consumed. This may give you an idea if you join the cannabis celebration to try new ways of consumption. It is hard to determine the best way, especially when there are new and significant ways that are coming in. So, the best way will always depend on users’ wants and how they like the convenience, the price, the strength, and also the effects on their health. After you read and have knowledge about the consumption of cannabis, you should know about the legalization of cannabis before the 4:20 celebration started.

Cannabis Legalization In Canada

Cannabis legalization in Canada was started in the prohibition of drugs in the year 1908. Cannabis is now officially legal for both medical and recreational uses. 4:20 in the cannabis world has become popular after the legalization of cannabis. It is one of the special occasions that most of the weed smokers celebrate. After the legalization of medical cannabis, recreational use of cannabis has been followed and it was announced that the uses of cannabis are no longer a violation for criminal law starting on October 17, 2018. The history of cannabis way back is very complicated. People who use it are considered criminal under the law. Drug users created a big problem with the market that involves the selling of cannabis. It gives social issues, including the disrespecting of the government. There are many thoughts about 4:20 in the cannabis world. It includes the celebration of the legalization of cannabis. There are lots of processes and problems encountered before the legalization of cannabis. It takes a lot of time and effort until it is approved. The legalization of cannabis is also celebrated during the 4:20 in the cannabis world. There are lots to celebrate during the 4:20, and everyone has their celebration when it comes to this day.

Cannabis legalization is changing 4:20

Since the legalization of cannabis, the 4:20 in the cannabis world is changing, and it depends on the person’s understanding. Some people want to have a toke and get high. Some think that 4:20 is a celebration of the legalization of cannabis, and mostly they are already adopting it. 4:20 was known as the holiday to protest against the stigma of cannabis. Cannabis legalization removes the main reason for the 4:20 in the cannabis world. As cannabis continues to grow for businesses, cannabis is losing its cultural symbols that will bring the end of the traditional 4:20 in the cannabis world. If the cannabis industry remains to adopt the 4:20, it will be still a celebration but not the same as the traditional meaning. The changes in 4:20 from a culture holiday to a more corporate environment shows how legalization is changing the cannabis world. Some say it is the symbol of the success of cannabis. The changes in 4:20 will also vary from person to person. It depends on how they want to celebrate 4:20 or what are their traditions when it comes to cannabis.