Weed Smell: How To Hide The Smell After Smoking

Cannabis has an array of distinct scents. Some people compare the smell of the weed with citrus fruits, diesel, wood, pine, piss, body odor, and many more. Weed scent is unique and intense. People cannot precisely describe what it smells like; they just know that it is the weed smell. 

Home is a safe and enjoyable place to savor your weed. But the smell of the aromatic herb can linger on the household fabrics, furniture, beddings, and throughout the air inside the house. Not all are interested in how the weed smells; it’s the same with the situation that not everyone is fond of your everyday’s cologne. Some even downright hate the weed smell, and no matter how legal weed is in your area, leaving the weed smell in public is problematic and can land you in trouble. Many people outright oppose smoking weed in public because of its smell. You may want to avoid problems with your neighbors, family members, and get kicked out by your landlord.

So if you want to be wary of your neighbor or keep your weed habits in private, you can preserve your privacy with a few tips and tricks to cover the weed smell inside your home after smoking. Read the excellent ways to eliminate the weed smell.

What Causes Weed Smell?

The scent of weed varies depending on the strain and the potency of the product. Cannabis has terpenes, volatile molecules responsible for producing its unusual scent. This is the aromatic component of the cannabis’ essential oils, and it naturally functions as a deterrent for predators.

Ventilation Is Important

Use the ‘classic’ method of ventilation; open up all your windows to get some fresh air circulating while using weed. Turn on your ceiling fan if you have any. For a box fan or rotating fan, turn it on and face it out the windows, and closer to the window frame as much as possible. These work to a slight degree, but if you want to mask the weed smell more effectively, turn your kitchen vent on to its maximum setting. Your kitchen vent will draw in your exhaled weed smoke and shoot it out into the open air.

Incense And Scented Candles

Many cultures have used incense for spiritual, health, hygienic purposes, and for counteracting awkward odors for thousands of years. Incense sticks, the one you can find from any grocery store, are made of aromatic materials that produce scent and smoke as they combust. The scent varies by brand, some smell sweeter, some are stronger. Some of the common ingredients of incense sticks that give its fragrance are frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, and musk. One popularly recommended incense by weed enthusiasts is the c and it includes ingredients like honey, vanilla, Henna, and Champa flower. One of the many ways to get rid of the weed smell is by using Nag Champa incense. Nag Champa incense gives off exotic aroma that greatly helps in eliminating the weed smell. 

Lighting an incense stick may seem suspicious, especially if you rarely use them in your home. The best tactic to avoid suspicions from your neighbors is to light incense overtime constantly. 

You can also use scented candles. Scented candles come in a variety of scents that you could choose from and are widely available in the market. Light a scented candle ten minutes before smoking weed, and keep it lit until after. The scented candles can mask the weed smell; however, it doesn’t get rid of it.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a must-have for stoners. They are a cheap, quick fix that can cover up weed scents from houses to cars. You can purchase plug-ins or gel-based air fresheners and place them where you store your weed to remove unwanted scents lingering in the air. You can also get spray air fresheners and spray them in the air and household objects where smells cling like curtains, rugs, furniture, etc. shortly after smoking weed. 

Most air fresheners can only mask the smell. Still, there are brands specially formulated with odor neutralizers and odor-eliminators, which can be useful in removing the weed smell rather than merely masking them up. If you have the budget for such, get your hands on it as it may be the most efficient for you. 

You can choose your air freshener fragrance according to your preference, but use natural scents like pine to avoid suspicion.

Burn Stuff

If you are in a hard-pressed emergency and need to mask the weed smell quickly, you may want to resort to incinerating food. This method is extreme but is useful in masking the smell of weed after smoking. Popcorn is a popular choice because you can burn them in the microwave in an average of 1-3 minutes. The smell of burnt popcorn is strong enough to stay in your house for hours. This method is trading the smell of your weed to the burnt smell of popcorn. 

You can also consider cheese because the smell of burnt cheese can last for long hours, maybe even days. Don’t go overboard with this method because burning food can trigger farm alarms.

Candle And Coffee

Coffee does wonders in masking weed smell. You can store your weed inside a can of coffee grounds making sure your weed is bagged before dunking it in the coffee grounds. Or you can also light a tea candle in a bowl and place some coffee beans around it. The heat from the burning candle will cause the coffee beans to exude a pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This concentrated aroma can hide the smell of your weed while or after smoking.

Boiling Vinegar

Vinegar is a common household item that can get rid of weed smell on various surfaces in the home. Simply boil a pot with a cup of vinegar. Let the liquid boil dry; the vinegar’s intense aroma will cover the smell of the weed after smoking. After a few minutes, the smell of the vinegar will disappear along with the weed odor.

Patchouli Oil

The aroma of Patchouli essential oil works excellently in masking weed smell. Using the essential oil that comes from the patchouli plant’s flowers it gives a long-lasting, and pleasing aroma. Also, this oil is believed to have antidepressant and aphrodisiac qualities. There are also a lot of anecdotes about its effectiveness in repelling bed bugs. Its pleasant fragrance and the added benefits make it an ideal option in covering the smell of your weed.

You can use this to mask the smell of weed by dabbing patchouli oil behind your ears.

Get Airtight Containers

Get your weed stash a good Tupperware, mason jar, or any airtight containers. Vacuum-sealed containers can also go the distance. Both will work extremely well in storing your weed and sealing its scent. If you are ready for an extra expense, get a smell-proof container. The smell will not only mask but also can preserve the buds and helps in preventing the molds from growing. Always to keep in mind to distance the weed stash stay from direct and indirect sunlight. By keeping it away from direct sunlight, it helps maintain the quality of the weed stash.

Invest In An Air Purifier

Investing in an air purifier is an excellent idea for stoners. This device eliminates and neutralizes the pungent weed smell directly from the air. It also works for any pungent odor in your home, making the air cleaner and fresher. Air purifiers are usually compact and portable; you can use this device at home, and you can also easily take this to your friend’s house if you’ll be having your session there.

Place Odor-absorbing Gels And Or Activated Charcoal

Consider buying odor-absorbing gels and place them in front of your vents, or directly beside the source of the smell. These gels work to remove the weed smell from your space after you smoke. Most odor-absorbing gels come in a handy pot that you can also place inside your car, just in case you decide to smoke. They are also formulated free from harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes.

Activated charcoal is also a wise choice. It is a potent smell neutralizer that has been proven effective. You can purchase deodorizer bags filled with activated charcoal and place it in your house. Activated charcoal powder is also available in the market. To use it, you simply just need a dish and add a few inches of activated charcoal, leave the dish in the room before, during, and after smoking.

Erasing The Weed Smell In Your Breath, And Body

If you are worried about the weed smell on your body, there are plenty of products that can get rid of them. One best option is to chew mint-flavored gum to remove the smell on your breath; you can also gargle some mouthwash and or thoroughly brush your teeth. Perfume, cologne, and body sprays can mask the smell of weed in your body or clothing. Washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, and or lotion is ideal too.

Another Consumption Technique

If you want a different consumption technique, you can check this out. Vaporization produces little to no weed smell. Vaporization is a kind of permanent solution in terms of removing the weed smell, which is a challenging situation for everyone. 

Edibles can also guarantee a smell-free weed experience. The only downside is that you will not have the same feeling as smoking.