Ways to Roll Joints: Three Cool and Creative Ideas

The rolling joint is a common practice for regular cannabis users. It’s too common that for some, it has lost its excitement. But what beautiful ways to roll joints? You just have to unleash your creativity.

If you are ready to experiment with some insane ways to roll joints, this post will teach you 3 cool creative methods of rolling that will bring the fancy back into smoking. These 3 will be great for parties or solo sessions. Let’s dive in.

3 Ways To Roll Joints

Wax & Kief-laced Joint

This wax and kief-laced joint is one of the incredibly easy ways to roll joints. All you need is your joint, wax, and kief. But what is kief, and where could you find them? Guess what, those tiny, sticky crystals covering cannabis buds and leaves are what we call kief. They are also known as dry sift or pollen. They are the resin glands, the trichomes containing terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Instead of smoking the entire bud, the tiny trichomes covering the cannabis buds and leaves are broken and separated from the plant, leaving beige powdery substance. And that’s the kief!

To make this wax and kief-laced joint, you need to separate the kief; this will be a piece of cake. You need to have a standard grinder with a built-in filtration screen (three-chamber grinder) to collect kief in the grinder’s chamber. You can also use silk-screen materials to separate kief from buds and leaves if you are going for large quantities. If you are a home extractor, consider these when you make a makeshift sifter: stack three to four layers of fine mesh because kief tends to be super small that it can be challenging to separate all resin from the plant, when buying screens, buy sifting mesh that is between 80 and 270 lines per inch.

If collecting kief is too tedious for you, the good news is, you could buy extracted kief at dispensaries or retail stores. Just keep in mind that to get the purest product, focus on the color- the lighter, the better. Kief that looks green clues that it has been mixed with plant matter, whereas the purer kief is well-sifted/well-separated and well-cleaned, hence, the off-white color.

Now that you know what kief is and how to collect them let’s sprinkle that kief into a joint. Once you’ve got your kief, get wax, and ready your joint. First, you have to roll your joint firmly. Cut a strip of wax and roll it around the joint in a downward spiral, try not to get too near to the side where you’ll place your mouth on. Roll the top 1/3 of the joint in kief. And that’s pretty much it. Light it up!

This kief-laced joint is commonly called “twaxed.” Twaxing is a trend. It It is the art of adding any form of concentrates into your cannabis before smoking it. People lace their cannabis to amplify potency and get more potent high.

Sure, twaxing is an inefficient way to consume concentrates, but for cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy traditional smoking, this is an excellent way to roll joints. This is perfect for newbies, veterans, old-school stoners, or anyone! This is extremely easy to do and a fresh new high to enjoy.

Monster Joints

The more you appreciate cannabis, the more creative you get when using it. If this sounds interesting to you, then brace to learn the ABCs of creative ways to roll joints. It is a trial and error experience, but in the end, you’ll get there; you’ll enjoy your cannabis more, get high more, and you’ll be showered with praises from your friends.

Rolling a joint is not easy-peasy. It is an art that requires true skill. Learning it done correctly necessitates a lot of time and practice. So let’s start with the basics:

Like every art form, rolling a joint requires tools: rolling paper, cannabis buds, and a grinder or a pair of scissors. Choose the right rolling paper. Remember that whenever you smoke cannabis, you smoke the paper with it too. A wrong choice of paper can add undesirable taste and ultimately ruin your moment. Get paper with fewest additives; it may be made from organic hemp or rice.

Once you’ve got your rolling papers, prepare your buds. Use scissors to remove unnecessary plant materials like stems and leaves. Break up your buds into small chunks and then use a grinder to chop them up further. If you don’t have a grinder, a pair of scissors can also get the job done. It is the least effective; however, it’s highly recommended to invest in a quality grinder. The goal is to produce a loose, airy bundle, fine enough, so there is good airflow and quality combustion throughout the bundle. Just don’t over grind to the point of powder as it will make the joint burn too quickly. You just need to make a happy medium, not too dense nor fine.

Now, hold your rolling paper between your thumb and index finger. Push the paper down using the index finger of your opposite hand to create an indented “U” shape. Place a small strip of adhesive at the top of the paper to seal your joint later. Place the buds throughout the length of the paper. Keep it at medium size. Putting too many buds will only restrict the airflow, and it will be impossible to burn them. Once the buds are in, twist it into a proper joint. You can use your thumb to wrap the paper around the bundle, get the tuck done, and then use the adhesive at the top of the paper to secure it.

Voila. Your rolled joint is done. 

Rolling a joint is the most iconic way to smoke cannabis, and this is the conventional way of the rolling joint. If you want a cooler insane way to roll your joint with your friends, why not roll them big. Have you ever heard of a monster joint? 

To construct a monster joint, you may need King-sized papers and full-scale effort. The record joint used 5 meters of rolling papers and more than 2 kilos of cannabis. Why not challenge this and get your team ready to roll a humongous joint and smoke it together with them.

Artistic Joints

Get more creative with cannabis. Try making “smokeable art” by artist Tony Greenhand. He is one of the greatest joint rollers in the world! He had crafted insanely cool joints like Pikachu, “Darth Vaper,” and many more. One of his masterpieces in the unicorn blunt. Want to know how to make a unicorn blunt? Here’s how:

First, let’s form the base. Form a box using the first paper. To do so, fold the line parallel to the glue, beginning from the edge up to the center, and unfold. Then in the other direction, fold the paper in half and then open. Next, To the centerline, fold the halves, and open again. Starting on the glue side, cut halfway through the paper using the creases from the three lines. Create a square by folding the paper and using glue strip flaps to fold and seal the bottom. Seal the side of the box together with an extra square off of another paper.

Second, the head. Use some papers stuffed and formed into a horse head, and cover with a smooth paper. 

Third, make a second box wherein you will put the buds. Make a slightly smaller paper box than you made on the first. Place herb on the bottom of the big box and place the second one in. Fill the sides with buds. Then use strips of paper to close the two boxes; leave a hollow center open on top.

Fourth, form the horn and end. Cut slits a 1/4 inch into the end of a paper and roll a cone joint without a filter. The pointed end will be the lit one; the wide end with slits is attached on the base. Poke an air path inside using a toothpick or paperclip. Flare the slits open. Produce a hole in the midpoint of the inner box on the base. Now line the holes up, get rid of the toothpick, and seal together with glue strips. Repeat this procedure for the neck to have a joint to smoke from.

Lastly, finish up your unicorn joint with few touches. Greenhand took this to greater heights as he added some special touches. He used dabs for the eyes. He also twaxed the horn and used resin to make the eyebrows, ribbon, and bows. He also packed the space around the horn with lots of loose cannabis herbs. 

This unicorn blunt is a beautiful masterpiece, truly an art all on its own. Try doing it yourself, tweak if you want, show off your creation. 

Congratulations, you just learned 3 different ways to roll joints. Practice them well with your own or try them with your friends. Smoke them at a party and get super high with your tribe. Their level of difficulty differs; some is easy and can even pass as your daily go-to. Try them and choose your favorite. Good luck exploring!

Knowledge added to your ways to roll joints. Don’t hesitate to make your own way to enjoy your rolled joints.