Ways of Smoking Weed: Which is Better “Big or Small Hits?”

When it was your first time to smoke weed, you probably had a question in mind. That is, how will you do it? Which ways of smoking weed are better, big hits or small hits? You may also think that it will be better to take a big bob and hold it as long as possible so that you can receive an effectively considerable amount of high. Well, this is also a myth among cannabis users, but how true is it?

There was also a theory made by some stoners that the main idea behind the different ways of smoking weed is to get the most out of it. That is, to get most of the high that your pot can offer. With this, it creates a link that the size of the hit and the length of time you hold the smoke will affect the weed’s effectiveness.

The article’s aim is to give a deeper understanding of this topic. We will discuss the truthfulness of such myths and theories when it comes to taking hits.

What Happens when you Breathe in Cannabis Smoke?

First, let us discuss how cannabis smoke affects our bodies. By understanding the processes involved, we can safely deduce the better ways of smoking weed.

The Lungs Absorb the Compounds Instantly

Cannabis is composed of compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids contain properties that give off a wide range of effects to the body, which includes the high feeling produced by the cannabinoid THC. Other cannabinoids include CBD and CBN.

Now when humans inhale, tiny air sacs that are located in the lungs called alveoli immediately grab oxygen. When a person smokes weed, the compounds from the smoke are also directly caught by the alveoli. The absorbed compounds then enter the human bloodstream and may result in a high feeling of yearning by a cannabis user.

During this process, it is evident that whenever the THC compound is present in the smoke, it will be immediately grabbed by the alveoli. There is no delay in the transfer of this compound.

Inefficient Transfer

Even if the compounds are instantly absorbed, there is a limit on the amount the lungs can absorb. Only 5% of oxygen and other compounds can be used on a single inhale and exhale cycle if the lungs are healthy. This means just one thing. The myth about taking big hits and holding it as long as possible to receive an enormous amount of high is debunked. Even if you do this, there is a limit on how much compounds the lungs can absorb.

It is Something Else

Even if there is a scientific explanation for the debunking of the myth, some cannabis users still swear that this myth is useful. They also claim that by doing this, they feel higher, lightheaded, and dizzy. However, it is not because of cannabis. When you hold out the smoke, you are also holding your breath. That is, you are not getting more of your weed, but you are being deprived of oxygen. Also, it is unhealthy to hold out your inhaled smoke for a long time since possible contaminants can adhere to your lungs.

Big Hits or Small Hits?

Based on the explanations given, you might think that big hits are not better so you will be choosing small runs. However, minor hits are not the answer as well. Deep, steady fields are the key to get the most out of your weed. Slowly breathe the smoke created by the hits for several seconds and then exhale it naturally. In this way, not only are you protecting your lungs against possible contaminants but also improve the flow of cannabinoids on your body.

What if Joint Hit or Bongs Aren’t Enough?

If the manner that you are taking hits is not the issue and you still don’t get the high that you are looking for, you might be now blaming your bong or vaporizer. Don’t! Reaching the top that you want involves experimentation. There are several kinds of cannabis strains that you could try.

If you aren’t getting high enough, then try to switch to strains that contain higher THC content. You could also try other forms of cannabis such as concentrates which are incredibly potent forms of cannabis. They have bigger similarities to smoking and vaping.

There are also ways on how you can make your hits better. Whether by bong or joints, follow these tips and you can surely have a better run!

How To Have Better Bong Hits?

The bong works by allowing substantial amounts of smoke until the chamber fills and the user inhales the smoke.

A bong works simply by having the water allow substantial amounts of smoke to fill up the chamber until the user inhales. The smoke transfers from mouth and directly into the lungs. This causes many people to try to stay away from bongs as much as possible. They may have a fear of it or had a bad experience since the smoke may be too much when starting. The hash hit or two can knock you out or it can even throw up some people. But this can be avoided. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind the next time you use a bong.

Keep it Clean, Always.

When eating, you don’t want to use dirty eating utensils, right? Your food will become stained, and that is nasty. Same as with the bong. If you don’t want to puff a dirty hit, just imagine having those nasty things latching in your lungs. It can cause you health problems rather than enjoying the benefits of cannabis, if you don’t this will happen, clean your bong regularly. You can also add accessories into it such as an ash catcher which prevents the ash from falling into the bong. It also often comes with a percolator that provides smoother hits.


There are other benefits to using percolators. Percolators are filters similar to bent-up straws with holes at the chamber of the bong. The holes serve as points of diffusion, which provides a cleaner smoke. You will surely enjoy the smoke and be able to take beautiful, deep hits with a percolator.

Lighter Alternatives

Using lighter alternatives is one of the other ways of smoking weeds in getting most out of your experience, whether the flavour or the burn. Hemp wick is one of the examples of lighter alternatives. It allows the pot with grass to lighten up.It gives a more natural taste and a better overall smoking experience. The hit will be burnt evenly without getting scorched. For a butane lighter alternative, you can use an electric or plasma lighter. It may contain alternative heating materials such as metal wires or ceramics that can provide the smoothest smoke possible.

Ice Catchers

If you want to have a silky and smooth smoke, look no further, the ice catchers will get the job done. Small indents in the bong’s chamber allowing the drop of a few ice cubes. Take note, not all bongs are the same.
The smoke cools before it reaches your lungs by adding ice on it. This may result in a smoother and more sensational smoking experience. Aside from ice, you can also use glycerine which lasts longer than ice.

Here are the tips you can do with your bong to achieve better hits. Now let’s move into the ways you can make your joint runs better.

Tips for Better Joint Hits

Here are simple ways of smoking weeds on how you can achieve a better joint smoking experience.

Unbleached Rolling Papers

Unbleached rolling papers is the choice of cannabis connoisseurs as they offer a cleaner and even burning experience. Go for this natural route if you are going to smoke paper.

Use a Grinder

Large chunks of the bud may take longer to burn. To achieve a slow and consistent burn, you may grind your weed until it has an even consistency. Beware not to over grind or under grind your weed. Overgrinding will prevent proper airflow while under grinding will provide you with an uneven burn, thus wasting the grass.

Roll it Properly

Like weed grinding which should have an even consistency to be achieved, rolling also has its proper way, not too tight and not too loose. You may have different opinions about this since most cannabis smokers have their idea of rolling. Just keep in mind that a joint that is too tight will make smoking for an excellent draw harder while a bone that is too loose will burn down quickly and deliver insufficient draws.


One thing that you may have learned from our tips is to take things in moderation. When taking hits, don’t do big runs or small punches. Just take deep and steady hits. To effectively use your bong and avoid knocking yourself out with too many ways of smoking weeds, and use accessories to make the smoke cleaner and more enjoyable. When taking joint hits, don’t over grind or under grind the weed and don’t roll it too tight or too loose.
Don’t stress yourself about your hits. Remember that we smoke this amazing plant because of the medical and recreational benefits that it gives to us. Just enjoy the ways of smoking weed. If you feel that you are not getting high that you need, simply follow the tips we listed above. You can also try experimenting on smoking other strains, use additional accessories, or try the different ways of consuming cannabis such as through edibles.