Outdoor Cannabis: How Tall Can It Get?

When it comes to growing any plant, expect it to grow into a massive tree, especially when it is grown outdoors in its natural habitat. Cannabis plants are no exception to this, and throughout history, there have recorded outdoor cannabis plants that grew up and matured to big, and sometimes massive trees, in most recorded cases. It’s not surprising to hear those kinds of stories, since plants tend to grow into beautiful, massive trees when left untouched in their natural habitat for years, even many decades past.

However, most outdoor cannabis growers do not know this fact and are sometimes left surprised and baffled when they encounter such trees that are actually under the cannabis family tree. The most contributor to this rather simple misinformation is due to the fact most have not seen a cannabis tree in their natural habitats, such as in most forests and wildlife currently present around the world today.

Another contributor to this is that most know that the cannabis being produced into other cannabis-related products have farms that only fit small plants during its growing process. And most only sees raw cannabis in its plant form, contributing to this misinformation even further.

Therefore, it may come as a piece of surprising information for one to see and hear about cannabis trees in general. Today in this article, we will check into some of the well-known outdoor cannabis trees that can mature into massive trees once left untouched in its natural habitat for many years or decades.

Which Outdoor Cannabis Grows The Biggest?

When it comes to which outdoor cannabis plants can grow the biggest of them all, this is a tricky question to answer since there is no definite answer to that. However, some outdoor cannabis plants can grow into massive outdoor cannabis trees when left by themselves, and that is what we will look into in the next part below:

1. Jack La Mota (3m/9.85ft on average plant height)

This strain has been known for its plant that grows to a tall enough height during its plant life (before reaching its matured tree life), wherein the plant usually grows up to three meters tall on average.

When left untouched, most records say it can reach a tall height, although no definite number of height has been declared since most growers will cut this plant down after 11-12 weeks of growing to be manufactured and produced as a cannabis strain for the market.

2. Moby Dick (3.5m/11.49ft on average plant height)

Coming from a combination of two unique cannabis strains named Widow and Haze respectively, this cannabis plant has an average plant height of 3.5m/11.49ft, which may not sound a lot. However, do take note that once the harvesting season arrives, it provides a huge yield, averaging around 1500g per plant, making it a wide source for cannabis strain production.

Just like the first cannabis plant featured, unfortunately, there is no record of its life as a mature tree currently known to most outdoor cannabis growers. Since it has the same situation with it, wherein it will be harvested on its 10th week after being planted, to be manufactured and processed into a cannabis strain that will be sold to the market.

3. Monster (4m/13.13ft on average plant height)

As its name suggests, this particular cannabis plant comes from the strains of three biggest known strains currently present and available in the market today, namely the Mexican, Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant, and Colombian respectively. Although it may not be massive in terms of its height, growers of this specific cannabis plant can be proud of its massive yield, ranging at 2800g per plant! What a comeback!

Again, just like the first two outdoor cannabis plants mentioned in this article, sadly, there is no recorded height of this outdoor cannabis plant. Due to it being harvested during farming season, wherein it will usually happen after 9 to 10 weeks from being planted.

4. Forever Buds (recorded tallest height rounded-off: 10.40m/34.10ft)

Considered one of the original strains of the cannabis plant world, this is also one of the most expensive in the bunch. Currently fetching at $100,000 per 5 seeds at the online market today (that means $20,000 per seed!), which is a ridiculous price to say at best, but it has its reason why it is that expensive.

As one of the foundations for mixed cannabis strains, it is one of the original strains of them all, being the recorded cannabis plant that can survive for decades until the end. Additionally, it produces a yield average of 21.4lbs per yearly basis, making it a good, long-term investment for any outdoor cannabis plant a huge benefit.

As for the current recorded tallest height for one that is currently living under the care of an online dispensary’s management of 34.10ft last recorded in December 2017, with a fantastic yield of 38.4lbs for that month alone! What an astonishing amount it is!

Aside from those we have featured in this article today, there are still many outdoor cannabis plants and trees that have not been recorded by most cannabis growers. Therefore, there might be a specific cannabis strain wherein during its life as a plant/tree, will grow into a massive height on its own, in its natural habitat wherein it remains undisturbed for a very long time.

There are also some other cannabis strains that, when in its plant form, tends to grow to massive heights if left untouched, which are listed below:

Growth Limits

For most growers that individually grow various outdoor cannabis plants, there is no growth limit currently recorded for a plant as of the time being.

As long as the outdoor cannabis plant is planted in a place, rich with the nutrients and minerals it requires for its potential growth. It must not be disturbed by either its natural predators and by us humans; it will eventually grow up to massive heights as it ages and grows older.

So, for this question about its growth, there is no limit as long as the plant remains undisturbed in its place, in a suitable environment wherein it can thrive peacefully.

Ideal Growing Heights for Both Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Plants

Now, your question might be what are the ideal heights for both plants that grow indoors and outdoors, respectively. Don’t worry, as we will look into those as well so that you will have the idea on what cannabis seed you would like to grow and where you would like it to grow.

1. For Indoor Growing

When it comes to this growing method, most of the time, the final height of your plants is decided by the grower him/herself. If they don’t, the plants will outgrow their pots and will hit the ceiling of their home, and will eventually get growth stomp due to the cramped space that it will be facing over its growth.

Do take note that some countries and their respective states that allow the growth of indoor cannabis plants have growth limits, which in turn limits the available yield of the grower during harvest season. Therefore, it is best to research first what are the restrictions put into place by your local government if they have allowed the indoor growth of cannabis plants in your location.

Furthermore, letting loose of the indoors cannabis plants to outgrow their available space will pose some major problems in the long run, aside from what we have already mentioned earlier, which are listed below:

  • Stunts the growth of other cannabis buds on the plant that are furthest from their primary light source
  • Results into plants that are very long and lean, which in turn produces fewer yields, wasting resources at the end
  • Can attract unwanted attention if left untouched

2. For Outdoor Growing

For this growing method, there is no limit on how a cannabis plant can grow. But then again, just like the indoor growing method, there are also restrictions placed on how it can truly grow into, are set by those same countries with their respective states that allow cannabis growth and usage in general. Better check with them to avoid any legal trouble in the long run.

And, of course, it will be painfully evident that the other limit for this growing method would be the outside space that you will be using.

Overall Conclusion

As mentioned in this article, there are still many outdoor cannabis plants that have not been adequately recorded and studied during their adult tree years. Most cannabis is only grown only a few weeks old before they are harvested for manufacture and production, which is a bummer in most recorded cases. However, You can see most of the known cannabis plants growing freely and naturally, in their natural habitat like in a forest near your location.