Organic Marijuana

Organic Marijuana: 8 Reasons Why You Should Grow It

Are you familiar with organic marijuana? In today’s medical field, weed (or marijuana if you want to be very technical) has been proven as a form of the medical and recreational drug that can help patients suffering from various diseases such as HIV/AIDS, treating many chronic pain and muscle spasms occurring in one’s body, different neurological conditions, and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some use organic marijuana for more benefits.

However, due to its history as an illegal drug commonly handled and smuggled by wanted criminals, groups, and organizations such as the Mexican Drug Cartel, and their bad history with various countries around the world such as the United States combating the illegal drug trade up until today, most still view marijuana as an illegal drug.

Fortunately, various countries are seeing the positive effects and benefits of marijuana as both a medical and recreational drug, respectively. They are now slowly pushing its full legalized use in their jurisdiction. Other countries have fully allowed the full usage of marijuana in their country, such as Canada, in the form of various types of cannabis-infused products. That created a booming cannabis industry, wherein many online cannabis dispensaries enjoy the huge profit and benefits of selling multiple cannabis-related products.

Organic Marijuana

Currently, many cannabis consumers rely on those said cannabis dispensaries for their cannabis needs. However, some are trying to see whether processing and growing organic marijuana is viable and profitable in the long run, either on a small scale or even on a large scale. Therefore, many are wondering if doing that said thing on their end would be worth the time, money, and effort that they will put in.

In this article today, we will look into the eight (8) best reasons why growing organic marijuana in one’s backyard or location is better in the long run.

The Eight Best Reasons Why Growing Organic Marijuana Is Good

As the title of this segment suggests, the list below will detail each reason as to why growing your weed in your backyard or your spare lot of land will be a massive benefit in the long run.

Homegrown Organic Marijuana Tastes and Smells Better

It has been proven with much homegrown organic marijuana that the flower that they produce for cannabis is much better in terms of taste and smell than processed cannabis by huge marijuana farms and their corresponding factories.

Having homegrown products are much better in terms of being more organic and more natural than their processed counterparts. Just like fruits and vegetables, homegrown and organic marijuana is noticeably better in terms of flavor and aroma. However, people who want to do this must have high-quality soil in their backyard that is rich with nutrients for plant farming to get the best results when harvesting the said plant.

Homegrown Farming Results in Bigger Yields

Aside from better tasting and better-smelling marijuana flowers, one can expect from growing their marijuana in their backyard, once can also expect bigger yields of marijuana flowers during harvesting.

To achieve that, it is better to use organic and natural fertilizers, nutrients, and mediums instead of processed chemical ones. Thanks to those natural supplements for plants, people who are growing their marijuana at home can expect huge amounts of harvest on their homegrown marijuana plants once harvested.

Additionally, growing any plant within one’s home creates a microenvironment, where plants that produce fruits, flowers, and vegetables can significantly flourish in that said environment. The said microenvironment will help in getting bigger yields per harvest when it is healthy and vibrant but will produce fewer yields if it is the opposite.

Organic Marijuana
Organic Marijuana

More Potency from Homegrown Organic Marijuana Produce

Another good thing from having organic products is that they are more nutritious and more potent than the ones that have been factory produced and processed. This is the same when it comes to homegrown, organic marijuana, wherein its flower has more potency than regularly, factory-processed ones.

However, to achieve this higher potency results, the one doing homegrown marijuana must take note that doing this in their backyard is very complex, and must pay attention to the whole growing process, or else they risk getting a bad yield and quality after harvesting.

When it comes to growing organic marijuana plants (and other plants in general), there are three essential nutrients a grower should take note of, which are the following: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus respectively. Those three nutrients are the ones keeping plants alive but are not enough to produce high-quality yields. Having high-quality soil is also essential when it comes to growing plants at your home, and it is no exemption for marijuana plants.

The other essential nutrients needed to maintain a high-quality and healthy plant, growers must take note of the other following nutrients which are listed below:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Molybdenum
  • Sulfur
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Boron

Usage of Better Soil for Homegrown Marijuana

When it comes to growing organic marijuana plants at home (or any kinds of plants), having high, high-quality soil is a critical part of this farming process. Without the proper soil, it will result in a bad harvest and even sometimes the plant dying as a result.

Please take note that the usage of organic soil against regular soil will result in better yields and a huge amount of harvest, especially when paired with the right amount of nutrients given to the plants in need of it. Additionally, the usage of organic soil will result in the creation of a microenvironment mentioned earlier, wherein natural nutrients can be found unlike in processed soil.

Growing Organic Marijuana (and Plants) Helps the Environment

Aside from reaping the enormous benefits of growing organic marijuana at home, people who are doing this are also contributing to the good of the environment, even though they do not know it consciously.

Due to the usage of regular, non-organic soil for most farming works in the country, the issue with soil erosion has increased over the past few decades which became worse due to the various farming practices man has developed over the years, which did not help with the natural erosion by mother nature on the soil itself.

Organic Marijuana
Organic Marijuana

Homegrown Marijuana Helps You Save Cash

Growing your organic marijuana at home can certainly help you save a lot by reducing the total costs that you encounter during the purchase of processed marijuana and cannabis. And most people say that it is only a myth, but it has been proven that it indeed helps home growers save a lot of money in the end.

When compared to processed marijuana and cannabis, studies show that growing one at home can help a user save as much as buying one from an online dispensary or a brick-and-mortar store instead.

It may cost a lot at the beginning of the home growing process. Still, in the long run, it will be much cheaper and accessible than ordering processed marijuana and cannabis either online or via physical orders through stores.

Doing the Home Growing Process Connects You with Nature

Doing this home growing process gives you the liberty on how to improve your marijuana on your end. You can choose the fertilizers you want to use to grow your plants, the solutions of your choice that you will mix in the soil, and other farming techniques that you want to try on your end. This is not the case when purchasing processed marijuana and cannabis, since they are already processed to the degree that you will either like, or not like at all.

Additionally, since you are doing the growing process personally, you can pay full attention to the said process, ensuring that you can get the best yield and harvest once it is ready to do so.

Homegrown Marijuana Provides Better, Cleaner Smoke

Thanks to being homegrown, marijuana that is grown in this method produces a cleaner smoke, which provides better high when smoked than processed ones.

This makes the label of being “natural” insanely correct, as the weed has been raised organically and not artificially. Unlike processed marijuana and cannabis wherein various chemicals have been used, homegrown marijuana mostly uses organic and natural materials and ingredients in the farming process, resulting in a pure, natural product that one can fully enjoy on their end.

Overall Conclusion

As we have seen in this article, if you want to have the best experience when it comes to consuming marijuana and cannabis in general, growing your own in your backyard or location can have a multitude of benefits that you will enjoy in the long run, unlike when you purchase various processed marijuana and cannabis-infused products.

Additionally, in this time of the current global pandemic, it will help you save a lot with your marijuana needs from your end. And it will not be only beneficial for marijuana plants, but also for other kinds of plants that bear fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your backyard by making you understand the whole growing and farming process better.