Keep Cannabis Concentrates Fresh: Know Their Proper Storage

Cannabis concentrates are the most famous and widely-used cannabis products amongst the experienced and original smokers. It is because the hit and the intensity of concentrates are already significantly high. Regardless of how you are an expert, though, one stash of cannabis concentrate is too much to be consumed within just one session, and talking about tips on how to keep cannabis concentrates fresh becomes very crucial.

One of the most common mistakes is to use just anything convenient or available without considering other factors that may affect the overall quality of the concentrate and, subsequently, adversely affect your future sessions. Cannabis concentrates are among the most potent variants in the market, but its capability to be stored and preserved requires more sensitivity than the flower, which is its origin. Factors including excessive moisture, air, or other substances will put your dabs at risk, so they should be kept from them. However, the good news is that all these risks could be addressed very quickly by following a few steps and guidelines, and just like that, it is very easy to keep cannabis concentrates fresh.

Cannabis Concentrates Explained

A cannabis concentrate is characterized by a light to dark brown sticky material. To keep your cannabis concentrating fresh also means maintaining, as much as possible, quality and look that resembles this description. Cannabis concentrates are also commonly called dab or wax.

Mainly, cannabis concentrates are sought after for its high THC content, which means a higher or more intense high than other forms of Cannabis. To substantiate, regular flowers are composed only of 30% THC, while concentrates range from 65% to 95% in THC-content. This form of Cannabis was made possible by the chemical process involving a huge quantity of flowers broken down and isolated from its desired THC level. For this same reason, only experienced and tried stoners use these, and when it comes to maintenance, it will require delicate measures to keep cannabis concentrates fresh.

Importance of Storing Your Cannabis Concentrates Properly

The procedure to keep cannabis concentrates fresh is the same as maintaining an enjoyable and pleasant experience in smoking your cannabis concentrates. It is not only looking after and taking care of your dabs themselves but also the rest of the time you are going to smoke every gram of your purchased concentrates and make the most of all the money you spent buying it. The steps and precautionary measures are just a few and very easy to follow, so they are worth spending some minutes on as it means ensuring the best smoking experience every time you use your cannabis concentrates.

Best Containers for Your Cannabis Concentrates

Having the importance of abiding by some guidelines to help keep cannabis concentrates fresh highlighted, one of the essential things to be discussed is the best type of container in storing cannabis concentrates. There is no single specific container that can be used to keep cannabis concentrates fresh to different kinds of containers that may do the magic. However, there are several details regarding widely used containers that must be kept in mind.


To be more scientific in this matter, the terpenes present in cannabis are natural solvents. Although this fact poses no threat or risk during the process of smoking, the interaction between cannabis concentrates and the terpenes it contains can be an issue when it comes to storing. Terpenes may have the potential to dissolve your silicone case, which will, in turn, damage your cannabis and make it non-consumable and non-smokable anymore. This would mean failure in storage, and this is the last thing that we would like to happen.

Having presented all these facts, silicone might not be the best choice container to try to keep cannabis concentrates fresh, and users of concentrates should be very mindful and not use this even when silicone containers have become popular because of its cheapness and the usually attracting colorful patterns.


Given that silicone is not recommended, another type of container that is almost readily available are glass containers. This will be a safer option and maybe the key to the success of the attempt to keep cannabis concentrates fresh. There are still a few reminders to be kept in mind, though.

The first thing that one should always remember is that there should be no excess air that can get through the container; even chances of this happening should be zeroed out. One way to make this possible is to make sure that your glass container is proportional to the size of your cannabis concentrates and that you use a glass container with an airtight seal. If this is not possible, a larger container will do, but it should still have an airtight feature.

Another key point to remember is that your glass container should be kept away from all sources of heat like sunlight, cooking appliances, or any heat source, especially if you use a clear one. Wrapping your dab in parchment paper can also be a source of additional protection, although this is optional.

Is Freezing the Cannabis Concentrates an Option?

Apart from all these tips and ways to keep cannabis concentrates fresh, one of the most common things everyone has probably heard is about freezing cannabis. There are several contrasting opinions about this, but answers are coming your way.

Technically speaking, it is fine to put your dabs in the freezer to ensure that you keep your cannabis concentrating fresh and consumable for another smoking session. However, this might not yield to the best experience as it also exposes your wax to a chance of acquiring moisture.

If the circumstance wherein your concentrate gets excessive moisture, your substance will be harsh to the lungs, and you will no longer enjoy this experience as much as if you were able to keep cannabis concentrates fresh. The good news is that there is still a way to make putting your cannabis concentrates in the freezer effectively. This is by wrapping your dab in parchment paper and putting it in an airtight glass container. Enclosing your dabs in a plastic bag first will even add more protection and can increase the chances of protecting them from moisture and achieving your goal to keep cannabis concentrates fresh. After this, however, and you can reach the thawing stage, you will still have to be extremely careful not to let any amount of moisture touch your wax.

Storage for only a Short period

Some people only need a very short amount of time, and to keep cannabis concentrates fresh within this would not require too much work. Up to seven days can be considered a short period. With this, the only requirement is to find an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry place. Make sure not to open the container unless you are going to smoke it already. There are no such restrictions in the kind of container to be used, but to use an opaque one is better, as much as possible. Even silicone containers, since they are particularly cheaper than others, will do since a short period will unlikely result in any danger or damage.

Storage for a Medium period

A period of storing your cannabis concentrates for up to four weeks can be considered a medium period. It will not require too many steps or work when compared to short-term storage, but there will be a few restrictions for a safer and more secure method to keep cannabis concentrates fresh.

Glass containers will be recommended for medium period storage, including dividing your wax into smaller chunks and wrapping them in parchment paper, then situating them inside plastic bags or any resealable food-safe bag before enclosing them in an airtight glass container. These glass containers should be kept in a cool, dry place, and you will be able to keep cannabis concentrates fresh for up to a month.

Storage for a Long Period Time

There are chances that some users will need to store their dabs for around six months to one year. To keep cannabis concentrates fresh and maintain a good quality of smoke with the stored concentrates even after this long period is still possible.

The method of storage for this case is using an alcohol-based tincture and then using a glass container or glass bottle that is sterilized and airtight to store it. Since this instance involves more storage time, it involves more detailed procedures, as well. It will require that this glass container be situated in a temperature-controlled area and that this area be far from all types of heat sources. It is also essential that the tincture used do not include any additives, such as glycerin, for this will put your cannabis concentrates at a huge risk of being spoiled or non-consumable even sooner. Having all of these followed will allow you to keep cannabis concentrates fresh for a considerably long period.


Experienced healthy smokers use cannabis concentrates since it is a variant that possesses a high THC content. Thus, it is very unlikely that a user can consume an entire stash in one sitting making the storage and keeping cannabis concentrates fresh an important matter. This only involves a few reminders, but being knowledgeable about this can bring your experience with cannabis concentrates to the best level for a longer period.

Users will only have to keep in mind that dabs should be kept away from all sources of excessive air, moisture, and heat. Glass containers placed in cool and dry places would be a general recommendation. With this information, the goal to keep cannabis concentrates fresh is achievable even up to one year.