Jorge Cervantes: World-renowned Cannabis Expert

In the industry and world of cannabis, a well-known and popular man named Jorge Cervantes became a significant person in marijuana cultivation and use. George Van Patten is the real name of the well-known personality Jorge Cervantes. George “Jorge” Van Patten was born in 1953 in Oregon, one of the first states in the US that started to legalize medical marijuana in 1998. George Van Patten opted to use the pen name “Jorge” to hide and conceal his real identity during the time of war and drugs when the marijuana plant was highly stigmatized back then. 

With so much enthusiasm and commitment, Jorge Cervantes’ contributions to society, particularly within the cannabis community, cannot be measured. Through his wide range of knowledge and expertise in the field that he has gained and shared over the years, he has managed to have a far-reaching effect on growers and consumers, and is now developing his remarkable reputation , especially for the cannabis industry. Another indication and example of the sincere interest and enthusiasm of Jorge Cervantes for the marijuana plant and his commitment and imagination in fiction, is the way he began to build his Van Patten Publishing empire.

In this article, we will discuss the contributions of a remarkable man in the cannabis industry. With the immense contribution and influence of the cannabis industry research done by Jorge Cervantes, many consumers and growers are now more educated about marijuana cultivation. We thank him for his time, experience and Marijuana industry expertise. Jorge will always be a part of the history of marijuana and their growing cannabis culture. The famous Jorge Cervantes is truly a smart man who is known as one of the cannabis industry’s most influential men.

His Interest In Cannabis Plants

Jorge Cervantes hid his real name and background for over 27 years from his first appearance in the videos of black beret and dreadlocks as part of the cultivation of cannabis until 2010. He had the interest and started to invest in a botanical and gardening landscaping business called Sin Semilla in 1977. Because of his love and interest in plants, and in his Sin Semilla gardening business, Jorge Cervantes gained his interest in writing articles about planting and growing a marijuana plant. After the following year, the Sin Semilla gardening business was closed and shut down because of the DEA, but despite the closure, legendary and motivated Jorge Cervantes never did lose his hope and courage for his passion and dedication for plants especially to the marijuana plant. 

Although the Sin Semilla was closed, his disguise in using another identity and name opened a path and gateway for him to enter the illegal cultivation group in a mission to gain better knowledge and enough understanding in different techniques and tips in planting and growing marijuana. Through his vast experimentation and experiences in the industry of marijuana, Jorge Cervantes helped and guided many marijuana growers on how to properly cultivate the marijuana plant. Jorge Cervantes earned credits in being a part of over 35 years in growing and developing the most-loved medicinal plant in the world, the marijuana. In this modern-day, access to resources is much more natural and convenient for the growers because of the rise of technology and because of Jorge Cervantes’ contributions. 

Initially, because of the long-decades work and passion of the legendary Jorge Cervantes, relative information and facts that explain and discuss the proper ways on how to cultivate and plant a marijuana plant are readily in easy access available on the internet.

The Reigning Achievements of the Legendary Jorge Cervantes

With so much passion and dedication, it is impossible to measure Jorge Cervantes’s contributions to society, especially in the cannabis community. Through his wide range of experiences and expertise in the field he acquired and shared through the years, he has had to gain a far-reaching impact on the growers and users and even builds his remarkable name, especially to the cannabis industry. Another illustration and example of Jorge Cervantes’s genuine interest and passion towards the marijuana plant and his determination and creativity in writing, is the way he started to build his empire Van Patten Publishing.

His Bestseller Published Book

Jorge Cervantes has made countless and numerous beneficial and good acts. 

One of these is writing his bestseller published book. the “ Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Growers Bible”, where he wrote it compressed with his wide knowledge and deep understanding he gained through his vast exploration in the world of marijuana. The book covers almost every detail and aspect of growing and cultivating cannabis that a reader can only imagine and ask for. 

The book “Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Growers Bible” has a total of 1,075 pages full of relative information. It was translated into over six different languages, with the hope that everyone from different races and places could have the chance to deeply know and understand the marijuana plant.

His Self-publishing Phase

Jorge Cervantes decided to self-publish the knowledge he acquired during his time of exploration, so that several generations would have easy access to resources that offer better information and facts relevant to the plant. These things are described in his book. Although many mainstream publishing houses and publishers would not attempt to publish his work due to its sensitive subject, Jorge Cervantes managed to overcome and surmount these challenges that could make him stop pursuing his passion. 

One of the concrete evidence that he didn’t give up and ensured that this information will be disseminated to the people who are seeking real information about marijuana is that he started his own publishing company. This helped growers and marijuana users know more about the marijuana plant, and thus made Jorge Cervantes a symbol of inspiration to the cannabis community. Because of his brilliant works, one of his books published in the year 2015 entitled “The Weed Encyclopaedia” won a Gold Benjamin Franklin Award.

Jorge Cervantes: The Legendary King Of Marijuana Cultivation

The legendary king Jorge Cervantes remained to be down-to-earth despite being a very well-known and famous personality because of his contribution to society. This kind of act is very rare when a personality gains so much popularity, but Jorge Cervantes is very different, and that is what made people love him and accept him even more. Because of his wide contributions and determination to a better and more in-depth understanding of marijuana and in guiding and helping thousands of cultivators and aspirant cannabis growers, the remarkable Jorge Cervantes has always been a part of everyone’s cannabis/marijuana/weed story. Be it from the books that he published, videos of him from different documentaries and interviews, or even stories and tales about him, everyone in the cannabis industry is inspired by his works.

Nowadays, experts in cultivating marijuana have turned on the teachings and information Jorge Cervantes has taught in the cannabis industry. Without his initiatives and dedication, growers and users could face several challenges in dealing with marijuana cultivation and use. The majority of the information that we have now that is present on books and on the internet are sourced from the knowledge that Jorge shared with the community.

His Love And Passion

Although Jorge already wrote and published articles and books, and even appeared in some videos to inspire the cannabis community, the desire to deeply understand and share his thoughts and knowledge in every profound aspect of marijuana will never stop and will continue its journey. Even now, the legendary Jorge Cervantes is still attending events related to cannabis in every part of the world. He is continuing to write and publish relative information by his books and his videos that are available and can be seen online. Jorge Cervantes is still active and visibly seen as he continues to pursue his love and passion for the marijuana plant and for the people in the cannabis industry.

As time and technologies innovate, Jorge’s latest fascination is now working with a research company back in his homeland in Oregon. This company is Phylos Bioscience. Using state-of-the-art technology, the team’s mission is to create technology that can be an open-source DNA map that can link all cannabis strains present in every part of the world. Phylos Bioscience research company, together with Jorge, aims to give cannabis buyers and growers easy access to check and verify the qualities of any type of strain they have.

The Help Of Modern Technology

With the help of the internet and modern technology, everything is one click away from the information we seek, including information about marijuana. You can learn more about marijuana from different blogs, articles, news, papers, files, social networking sites, and more. But despite being spoon fed by these information from sites present on the internet, we will always be needing good advice, especially if you are new to cannabis. Thus, if you are an inexperienced cannabis user or even an experienced one, it is suggested that you read Jorge’s book, the “Growers Bible”. 

With the vast contribution and impacts of Jorge Cervantes’s work in the cannabis industry, many users and growers are now more knowledgeable on marijuana cultivation. We thank him for his time, knowledge, and expertise in the marijuana industry. Jorge will always be a part of marijuana history and its growing cannabis community. The legendary Jorge Cervantes is truly a brilliant man who is considered as one of the most influential people in the cannabis industry.