Joints, Spliffs and Blunts: A Stoner’s Main Arsenal

Joints, spliffs and blunts are the main methods for consuming cannabis a stoner will have in their arsenal and are also the main ways people use for their ritualistic and therapeutic activities.

As time passes, countries all around the world are now accepting and deeming marijuana as an essential part of the daily lives of their people. These global changes around the world paved the way for innovations in the cannabis sector.

Presently, cannabis enthusiasts have many options to consume cannabis. Everything from your oils and extracts up to your cannabis-infused foods, from your vape pens up to your dabbing rig. You can now choose what kind of cannabis delivery method you want.

Despite the advancement of technology in the cannabis scene, the undying, old-school method is still a thing, and even young cannabis lovers learn how to roll a joint. There are still plenty of ganja lovers who still love the art of rolling their marijuana.

Joints, spliffs and blunts are terms sometimes used interchangeably by many cannabis enthusiasts; however, these terms have very specific meanings. These terms are very common in your cannabis dictionary, but you still should learn the difference between joints, spliffs and blunts.

Even though marijuana enthusiasts do not take seriously the wrong usage of those terms, using wrong words will tell them that you are still inexperienced. Sure, they contain cannabis, and they are all the same way on how you consume them; however, those are their only similarities.

Also, the joints, spliffs and blunts have unique distinctions you can tell so that you know them apart from each other.

Joints, spliffs and blunts are closely the same at its core, and those who are new in the cannabis scene will likely get confused. Although they are the same way on how you consume them, they are significantly apart when it comes to their different results. You can tell the difference in their psychoactive effects, ingredients, and the difference between the quantities of marijuana that have been used when smoked.

If you are the new kid in the block, you should learn the difference between joints, spliffs and blunts. That way, you can enjoy your own customized high and enjoy the difference between the three, learn the distinctive features of each, and relish the unique smoking experience like you never had.

So, what are their differences? Let’s find out.


It can be said that joints are the most iconic way cannabis enthusiasts consume their marijuana and also arguably the most often way you will see marijuana rolled up. Naturally enough, small and portable. It is a rolled-up cigarette, and you can take them anywhere.

Joints are cannabis that is rolled up within a rolling paper, mostly white, although some rolling papers come in various colors and flavors. Materials for the rolling paper can be made out of rice, hemp, paper, etc. and sizes also vary.

Usually, joints have filters, or crutches, which make it easy to roll your joint and also act as a heat insulator for not burning your fingertips.

Shape and Sizes

Rolling papers that are used for rolling joints come in different sizes. Of course, this also varies on how much weed you used. Most of the time, a joint will contain about ½ gram or 1 gram of marijuana and will mostly be a little smaller or bigger than your average cigarette.

Its shape is like a cone-like cigarette, and the wider section is on the top.


Joints by far are the easiest way to make out of the three. A paper filter, a rolling paper, and some weeds are all you need. The paper filter is not the same as the cigarette filter. This filter is made out of a thick paper folded over and rolled into a cylinder. This will then act as a mouthpiece, and you can smoke your joint to the end, preventing you from inhaling small pieces of marijuana while keeping your fingertips from burning.


The flavor of your joints highly depends on the kind of cannabis strain you use and its terpenes within. It is no wonder why, as the paper, usually we use to roll a joint is not flavored. This way, you can taste that delightful flavor and smell those sweet aromas of different cannabis strains.


Joints only contain cannabis.


You can tell the joints, spliffs and blunts apart by looking at them. Rolling paper that is being used to roll a joint can be made out of any of this:

  • Paper
  • Hemp
  • Wood-pulp
  • Rice

Each of these rolling papers has various sizes, thickness, burn length and “rollability”.


In the last few decades, all joints were always color white for the reason that rolling papers were just made that way.

Today, colors of rolling papers greatly vary, some have sort of psychedelic colors, and some are even transparent.


  • Nothing but weed
  • Small, portable, easy to light
  • Can be smoked indoors without worrying about stains and long-lasting smell.


Your weed supply will not last long if you smoke joints regularly.


Spliff is like a joint; however, the difference between them is what is inside. This is how European people smoke their weed. In Europe, they sometimes refer to their spliffs with their joints. Unlike in the U.S where a joint is a joint, and a spliff is a spliff.

Moving on, a spliff is often how you’ll see marijuana smoked in Europe, if not out of a

Spliff Size And Shape

Mostly, joints and spliffs are undistinguishable and will always look the same. But in some cases, a spliff will be larger than a joint, and it is because of the additional tobacco you put in it.


The same with the joint, a rolling paper, paper filter, and weed, although, you will also need tobacco. There are plenty of people who just use cigarettes, but if you want to be cost-efficient, you can buy loose tobacco products that are designed to be rolled up.


The flavor you will taste will be a blend of tobacco and the strain you used. This time, if you love tobacco, it could pair nicely with the strain you prefer.


Of course, cannabis is there, but now with tobacco—this where joints differ from spliffs.


The exterior of the spliff is pretty much similar to that of joints: the rolling paper and its shape and sizes.


The color of the spliff is also similar to that of joints as they depend on the kind of rolling paper they use.


  • You can enjoy a full smoke session while saving your weed supply.
  • You smoke tobacco and get high at the same time.


  • If you do not like tobacco, a spliff is not for you
  • If there is less marijuana than the cannabis in your blend, it may take more than one spliff to make you high.
  • The smell of tobacco will leave a foul smell if you smoke spliff indoors.


Blunts are one of the icons in the cannabis world. Blunt is by far the biggest of the three and uses a large amount of weed inside a cigar.

Size And Shape

Blunt will always come out in cylindrical shape. Although the size will always depend on how much weed you put into it. The larger the amount of weed, the bigger they are.


The amount of weed you put into the blunt is also limited to what type of blunt wrap you use. Instead of rolling paper, we use the blunt wrap to make blunts.

Since the blunt wrap is made out of tobacco, blunts are usually nothing but weed inside it.


 The flavor that comes out of the blunt is similar to that of a spliff. However, this time, the flavor of tobacco will be dominant. Yet, since there is nothing but cannabis inside, those terpenes of your buds will also give a delightful flavor.


Like a joint, it contains only cannabis inside. Nothing else.


This is where the blunts’ distinctive feature shines. Blunts are not made rolling form paper, but instead, they are made from tobacco and what we call blunt wraps.

Most of the time, blunts are not made with hands, but with machines for a better smoking experience.


Blunts are brown, nothing else to see, and it is just how they are made.


  • More flavorful and mouthful than spliffs.
  • The combined flavor of the blunt wrap and preferred cannabis strains will make up for a great smoking experience.


  • More Weeds to be used
  • The smell and flavor of tobacco may become an awful experience for some.


The similarity of joints, spliffs and blunts is only that they have the same way of consuming them. But the difference between them is also great that you may not want to use those terms interchangeably.

Joints consist of pure weed, like a cigarette with a paper filter.

Spliffs look like joints, and you can’t distinguish them without smoking one.

Blunts differ from the two significantly as they are big and brown.

Try smoking joints, spliffs and blunts to distinguish them.