Hash at Home: How to make Homemade Hash

Can you make hash at home? Hash or otherwise known as hashish is a smokable cannabis extract that originated in Asia. This is made up of purified and compressed trichomes of the cannabis plant. You can actually make hash at home.

Trichomes are like crystal particles that you can find all over the marijuana bud, and they contain the highest concentration of CBD, THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

Hash can be made by separating the cannabis trichomes from its flowers, leaves, and stems. They are then processed by pressing or heating them for consumption, which can contain higher amounts of THC levels and other cannabinoids than your regular buds.

Two types of hash can be made; one is solid, and the other one is liquid. making a solid hash is relatively easier than making a liquid hash, which is a bit more complicated.

The common type of hash is the solid one, and it is very easy to make. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a solid hash as you only need to compress the trichomes in a simple manner.

Hash usually comes in pressed blocks that differ in color with the golden brown color for the highest quality. On the other hand, a lower quality hash is greenish as it still contains a lot of plant matter.

The quality of strain and the creation process determines the overall quality of the hash. It’s no wonder why today, many growers breed strains exclusively for hash making. And since hash is a cannabis concentrate and is made just by pressure, you will get high like your buds, but you will experience another level of pleasure. You can easily make hash at home.

Is Hashish Famous?

Consuming hash is one of the best experiences a stoner can have, not just you can get high, but you can savor those delightful flavors and sweet aromas.

High-quality hashish in some countries fetch for a pretty good price, and hashish is so well-known that you can make hash at home with some recipes.

And if we talk about hash, it just boils down to consumer preferences.

Why Make Hash?

One way to preserve resin since ancient times after the marijuana plant has been harvested is hash making. Either it is in a controlled environment, or just in your kitchen, hash making is available anytime and anywhere. Whether you use old or new methods, the hash making process is relatively straightforward. Just separate the trichomes, obtain the resin, group the resin by size, dry them, smoke them, and enjoy.

How to Make Hash at Home

As you already know, hash can be obtained from the trichomes separated from its plant matter. These trichomes will then transform into kief, a fine powder of trichomes, which is then pressed and will be heated, forming into blocks for hash making.

You can make hash at home with the following methods, and remember that the whole plant produces trichomes. Feel free to utilize the whole plant except the roots.

The Hash Making Methods

Hand-Rolling Method

The simplest and the traditional way of hash making that almost does not need any equipment. This hash making method is still practiced by people in some areas of Nepal and India.

This method is time-consuming yet produces petty yields.


Fresh cannabis buds. (Do not use dried marijuana trimmings)

Sanitized clean hands.


  1. Before starting this method, make sure your hands are clean, especially your palms. kae sure they are sanitized. Use only non-scented, non-residual soap for better hash quality.
  2. Hold your buds in your hands. Make sure you have removed the existing leaves and stems.
  3. Put the bud within your palms, then start rolling the bud in a gentle circular motion without pressure. Applying strong pressure will leave the plant matter in your hash.
  4. After a while, you will see a black, thick resin forming on your palms. This matter is hashish or charas. You can make this scrape into hashish on a clean plate. After accumulating more hash, you can press them into a small block or make a small ball.

Hash-making With Ice and Water

If you don’t have a lot of time or do not want to spend some effort, a few household items can help you make hash at home.


  • Press screen
  • Fresh cannabis trimmings
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Two buckets
  • Bubble bag set
  • Wooden spoon


  1. Put your cannabis trimmings and ice in a 220-micron bubble bag and place it inside the bucket. Add water until the bag is just visible. Wait about 10 – 15 minutes when the ice starts melting, and when the water temperature comes down.
  2. Now, use the wooden spoon to stir the water in a circular motion. Stir it from one direction to another, clockwise to counter-clockwise, and from time to time, to create a current in the bucket that will separate the trichomes in the plant matter,
  3. Next, prepare another bucket, this time, the bubble bags should be in ascending order with the finest mesh in the bottom, and your top two bubble bags should be 190 and 160 microns. 
  4. Pour all the water from your first bucket unto your second bucket until there is no residue and let it sit for about 10-15 mins.
  5. Remove your top two bags in your second bucket while squeezing it out gently, most people will discard what is inside. 
  6. Repeat this for the other backs and obtain the residue inside. 
  7. Lastly, put the residue on your press screen and let it dry.

Hash-making With Dry Ice

If you can make hash with just plain water and ice, can you also make hash at home with dry ice? Of course, you can!

Even without water, you can still remove the trichomes from the plant matter. However, this hash making method is somewhat messy, and you need to make sure to always use gloves in handling dry ice.


  • Dry ice
  • Clean plate
  • Large container
  • Large press screen
  • Fresh cannabis trimmings


  1. Put your cannabis trimmings and dry ice in the container. Mix them well as we need the weed to be dry and frozen. The more you mix, the faster the weed is frozen.
  2. Now set your large press screen on a clean plate, or you can add some parchment paper for you to collect your trichomes. For better quality, you can use a 73-micron screen.
  3. Now, put your frozen weed unto the press screen as much as you can handle. Rub the frozen weed unto the screen with just enough force. You can also just learn techniques to do the job or repeat it until you can obtain your hash.
  4. Now, press your obtained hash into blocks.


One of the most popular and easiest ways of hash making is the use of a fine sieve. It involves sifting of marijuana trimmings in a fine sieve to make kief, a fine powder of trichomes that will later be pressed into blocks.

For higher quality, you can freeze your cannabis trimmings inside a sealed container overnight for an easier way to remove the trichomes from the plant matter.


  • Baking paper
  • Credit Card
  • Silkscreen
  • Cannabis trimmings


  1. Place your baking paper on a very clean surface like your table, and the baking paper must be larger than your silkscreen in size for it to collect the kief.
  2. Place your silkscreen above your baking paper, and put your cannabis trimmings above your silkscreen. Gently rub the trimmings into the silkscreen. Make sure you break larger trimmings apart before you start rubbing.
  3. It takes a while before you see kief forming onto your baking paper.
  4. You usually produce kief around 10 to 20% of the overall trimmings you use,
  5. Once you are done sifting, you can now collect the kief in your baking paper. You can use your credit card to create a small pile of kief in your baking paper and then press it into a nice small, thin hash block.

Making Hash from Kief

After obtaining kief in any kind of process, you can turn it into hash at home with this easy and simple method.


  • Empty bottle
  • Hot water
  • Silicone coasters or kitchen mitts
  • Kief
  • Oven bag


  1. Place your kief in the middle of your oven bag and place your oven bag with the weed inside on a clean surface.
  2. Boil water up to 180 degrees Celsius and use your kitchen mitts and put it atop your oven bag.
  3. Roll your water bottle above your oven bag while pressing gently until your kief flattens
  4. Remove your hash in your oven bag, fold it several times, put it again inside. And with your water bottle to roll on it over for it to flattens again.
  5. You will need to repeat this several times until it shows a stable consistency.
You may want to monitor your boiling water temperature in your bottle from time to time, and you may need to replace your boiled water inside your water bottle if the temperature drops. Use the stickiness of your hash to gauge the quality of it. The stickier, the better.

We can make Hash at Home.

Over time, the traditional methods of hash making are still being used today, with the additional new ways to try on, making hash easier.
With just simple tools and efforts, you can create a high-quality hash at home.