First Cannabis Experience: 10 First-timer Tips

You may have heard a lot of stories from friends and strangers about their cannabis experience, and now that you are ready to try it, you’re still not entirely sure how it works. Sure, you want your first cannabis experience to be remembered as a profound moment.

To ensure that your first time is safe and enjoyable, here is our beginner’s guide.

Indica Vs. Sativa: Which Is The Best For You?

If you are a cannabis first-timer and are after the ‘strength,’ know that there are many factors at play when gauging the impacts cannabis has on you. One is its variety. There are different varieties of cannabis; you’ll see them labeled as strains, and each strain has its unique effects, taste, aroma, and appearance. There are two dominant strains of cannabis: sativa and indica.

Indica strain is busy, short, and has buds that are dense and tightly packed. This strain is known for its sedative effects and is a preferred choice when you want a relaxing sensation or sleep better at night. This strain is widely sought for its benefits: relieves body pain, spasms, anxiety, and stress, reduces seizures, and relaxes muscles.

Sativa strain, on the other hand, is thin and tall. Sativa strain is known for the cerebral high it gives to users. This strain is better consumed during the daytime so that you will feel the kick of energy and creative boost so you can enjoy your first cannabis experience. Sativas are known to deliver the following benefits: uplifting and stimulating feelings, enhance creativity and focus, fights depression, and treats behavioral/mental issues like ADHD.

There is also another category of cannabis that is popular in dispensaries nowadays- the hybrids. Hybrids are crossbreeds of sativa and indica. Hence their appearance is a mix of two. Their effects, flavor, and aroma depend on which of the two (sativa & indica) are more dominant.

If you are a cannabis first-timer and are wondering which strain is right for you, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor and your budtender or experiment with new varieties. There is a lot of fun finding out what you like. Perhaps, the tip is to focus on what you are looking after; what affects you want to experience. Whether you want a relaxing effect, uplifting effect, or you want the in-between.

Go For High-quality Products

The best cannabis experience comes from the best buds. For cannabis first-timers, it may be a challenge to make sure you are getting the best products when you haven’t experienced them yourselves. But here are some few hints- you can evaluate the quality of your cannabis using the main indicators: Smell, appearance, feel, and flower structure.

High-quality cannabis emits strong fragrance, commonly referred to as having “skunky, “piney,” “dank,” and “diesel.” They should look green in color, not brown. High-quality cannabis is full of trichomes, which are tiny crystal-like appendages on the surface. They hold the compounds responsible for the cannabis’ effects and taste. The more trichomes, the better.

When buying, touch the sample of cannabis, it should feel sticky and dry enough. It should be relatively easy to break apart but not too dry that it will crumble to ashes with just a pinch of the finger. It shall exhibit a balance of dry and sticky. Indica buds are dense and compact, indicas are airier and leaner. They shall be well-trimmed with no excessive stems or leaves.

If you are a cannabis first-timer, this might be tedious for you. The best you could do to ensure that you are getting the best buds is to research the product you are purchasing. Ensure that you are buying from a licensed dispensary and that your cannabis has undergone laboratory testing and has met all safety standards.

Understand Edibles

Edible forms of cannabis are safe, and they produce powerful and long-lasting effects, longer than smoking and vaping. Edible cannabis is popularly in kinds of cookies and brownies. For cannabis first-timers, this is the easiest way to consume cannabis and experience its benefits.

To get the most out of it, understand that edibles are available at varying strengths/potency, and each person has different biological makeup. These factors impact the way edibles interact with the body. When dosing, it is best to go small, adding up little by little, until you reach the right edible strength.

It is essential to take note that edibles take about 30- 60 minutes before it could produce effects. Inexperienced cannabis users usually report a bad experience with edibles. They tend to consume and consume because they don’t feel the effects right away, and they think that consuming a lot at once will make the effects appear quicker. But that is not the case. Over consuming THC can be tremendously unpleasant for cannabis first-timers. So be extra careful and have patience. Wait for an hour, and if effects don’t kick in, consider eating a small snack like an apple to turn on digestion.

Concentrates Are Not Advised For First-timers

Cannabis first-timers are not recommended to take cannabis concentrates as their starter. Concentrates are products made by extracting the resin from the cannabis buds. They contain and preserve high levels of CBD, THC, and terpenes. They are known for their purity, potency, and portability.

Cannabis concentrates have a greater concentration of CBD, THC, and terpenes, and it is common to find concentrates containing 80%+ THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis. Due to this, concentrates are not recommended for first-timers. Caution is necessary; you have to know the right dosing for you, so you know at what pace to proceed. With concentrates, a little goes a long way. Sure, you don’t want your first cannabis experience to be overconsumption.

The Deal With Seeds And Stems

Some occasionally ground the stem and seeds and smoke them with the buds. This, however, is not a recommended practice. Stem and seeds contain little to no CBD and THC. Smoking stems and seeds produce toxins and will only increase your risk for lung disease and infection.

There are other ways to use stems and seeds if you don’t want them to go waste. You can bake them for around 45 minutes and turn them into tea.


Vaporization is excellent for first-timers. Vaporizers heat cannabis to a temperature below the combustion point and releases vapor of the active ingredients. The vapor is then inhaled directly through the mouth or nose, or pipe or hose.

Vaping is believed to be safer than smoking. Toxins are released during the burning process, and these toxins can cause lung issues. Vaping doesn’t burn cannabis and doesn’t produce smoke, and by choosing vaping, you will enjoy a safer cannabis experience.

Vaping also maximizes the potency and flavor of your cannabis. It preserves the active compounds so you can enjoy them at full potential and full flavor. Go for vaping if you want your first cannabis experience to be safer, purer, flavorful, and potent.

What To Expect

Several different reactions are common to cannabis first-timers.

For some, their first cannabis experience is a letdown. They smoked and felt nothing. There are theories behind this, some that this is because first-timers are still learning to inhale the smoke into their lungs instead of just into their mouths.

Some reports that during their first time, they got high in the right way. They felt euphoric and uplifted. Their senses were heightened and seemed like their creativity was enhanced. Colors, light, and sound are all stronger.

Take advantage of the creative thoughts and ideas to better yourself in art, music, or whatever engaging activity you are onto.

Get Ready To Be Hungry

Cannabis will give you the munchies. Pretty much after smoking, you’ll feel hungry. Your body is tricked into thinking it is starving, and the culprit is the THC in your cannabis.

However, this is not the same case for everyone; some do not get the munchies. Studies say that people with fewer cannabinoid receptors are less likely to get their appetite fueled by the THC.

Regular consumption of cannabis does not also break the scales. Studies show that regular users tend to eat more calories. Don’t let this discourage you because the research indicates that while users consume higher amounts of calories, their bodies maintain low body fat percentages. Hence they are highly unlikely to be obese than non-users.

It’s advisable to still feed your hunger with nutritious snacks instead of eating Doritos and other junk foods. If you are a first-timer and plan to consume cannabis long-term, stock your pantry with nutritious snacks like whole-grain crackers, nuts, guacamole, etc.

Get In The Right Mood

Be in the right mood. You’ll not enjoy your first cannabis experience if you will just fall asleep. If you are too stressed, chances are, you’ll likely not enjoy it also. The tip is to have a whale of a time, chill out and enjoy.

Listen to music. Music produces an emotive response, so play that certain jive you that pumps you up. It will set the tone for you. After a few tokes, you’ll find yourself singing and or dancing along with it.

Smoke with friends! Smoking with your ‘tribe’ will result in dope/deep-ass conversations that will turn out to be therapeutic. You will also build stronger bonds with them. Make your first cannabis experience as enjoyable as possible. Being with friends will make it a lot more fun.

Be Safe

Never drive under the influence of cannabis. It is still under debate whether cannabis negatively influences driving, but you have to be mindful of the law and remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Another tip, smoke with people you trust; this will make your first cannabis experience safer, light-hearted, and more comfortable.

Just be prepared to fall in love. Prepare to embark on the beautiful cannabis path.