Dosage of Edible Cannabis: How to Calculate

Symptoms of overdose from consuming marijuana are often more severe than those of overdose from smoking marijuana. This is why knowing and understanding is essential to learn. This article will show you some methods on how to calculate the dosage of edible cannabis to avoid taking too much. The calculation of edible cannabis dosage is a crucial factor to achieve the best and safest experience of consuming it. Edibles nowadays are getting more popular and are extremely becoming well known.

Edibles are marijuana-flavored foodstuffs. While the smoking method of marijuana remains the most common form of consuming it, eating marijuana remains increasingly popular and is becoming a widespread means of consuming weed. Such marijuana edibles are more prevalent in states that have legalized marijuana, and states that permit medicinal usage of marijuana. Because of some CannaButter and CannaOil recipes, more consumers can now take, add, or incorporate cannabis into their favorite dishes.

In addition to mixing marijuana with food, cooking oil infused with marijuana or CannaOil can be used when frying or searing food. Butter infused with marijuana, also known as CannaButter, may be spread directly on prepared food. Brownies are among the most popular food products infused with marijuana, but nowadays, almost a wide variety of food products can be marijuana-infused and eaten. Although the preparation and effects of cannabis can take some time and effort to work, cooking and eating cannabis in this way is a lot more fun as some users opted to take their cannabinoids in edibles.

The time frame and duration of the cannabis effects depend on the consumer; the effects can take 30-60 minutes, and sometimes even 120 minutes before the first kick will take effect. Taking too much cannabis beyond your body’s limit will lead to puking and may even cause you to pass out. Too much of good and shiny things are not healthy and can be extremely unpleasant. Although controlling the right amount of dosage of edible cannabis is difficult, there are effective ways and methods to get the right potency and calculate the effective dosage of edible cannabis.

The Right Way of Dosing

There are some states that have legalized and standardized marijuana market places like Colorado, California, and Washington in the United States. These states are working hard hand-in-hand to impose and create rules and laws governing the quality of marijuana products and their potency. These products are locally available in their markets for medical or even recreational use. Licensed retail markets and outlets offer and sell medical cannabis/marijuana with labels attached to its products, indicating and stating the total cannabinoid percentage, and serving sizes per milligrams present in every pack.

If you happened to live in or around these markets or outlets, ways are more straightforward and faster on how to manage and calculate the dosage of edible cannabis. To calculate the dosage of edible cannabis bought in local markets and outlets, simply read and understand the instructions and labels attached to the packaging. In this way, you can carefully control, assess, and double-check the dosage in every milligram present in every edible cannabis pack. After checking, it is highly advised to take a half portion of that serving and patiently wait for an hour for the effect of being ‘high’ to kick and show up. The edible cannabis effect is usually slower to kick in than with the smoked or vaporized marijuana method. The cannabinoid, a chemical compound in the weed of smoked and vaporized marijuana, is absorbed by the human body’s bloodstream directly into the lungs. The absorption of smoked and vaporized marijuana is extremely fast, and the effect will kick in instantly as soon as it is taken in and processed by the human body.

However, things are pretty different when it comes to edible cannabis. When you take in or and ingest edible cannabis, the cannabinoid compound present in marijuana will then enter and travel into your bloodstream through your digestive tract. In the gastrointestinal tract, the time duration to digest edible cannabis is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour. Only after this will the effect of feeling ‘high’ kick in and achieve stable blood levels. After taking the first half of edible cannabis, think and decide whether to take the second portion or the left/remaining cannabis if you are not satisfied by the first effects and if necessary. Calculating the dosage of edible cannabis will minimize the chances of overdosing and abusing yourself, and will achieve the best possible experience of consuming edibles. You can experience this by learning how to calculate the dosage of edible cannabis bought in legal and authorized marijuana selling markets and outlets.

Remember not to go through shortcuts and overboards,and always perform the recommended method which is to divide the marijuana, take the first half of it and patiently wait for at least an hour for the expected effects to kick in for smooth and fun results. Taking too much on the first try will lead and cause you serious problems related to health, as the edible cannabis takes time to be absorbed and take effect. When edible cannabis is made in vast and full amounts, the 45 minutes to 1 hour-waiting time will not be shortened, whether the amount is taken in less, right, or full. Instead, the results will be overpowering once the effects kick in an overdosed consumer and this makes it harder to control and manage. This will give a very uncomfortable feeling of sickness and dizziness, which consumers and first-time takers of edible cannabis must know and should avoid experiencing it.

Remember to never abuse your body and limits, listen, and carefully read to analyze the instruction stated or attached to the packaging. Follow the suggested quantity and amount to take in a certain way to have less hassles and problems.

The Right Way of Dosing

Accurately measuring and calculating the dosage of edible cannabis in the comfort of your home is quite pretty tricky, but this does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to achieve and have the best experience with edible cannabis. However, there are still a lot of reliable ways and methods out there on how to adjust your proper dosage and how to calculate the dosage of edible cannabis at the comfort of your own home.

The dosage of cannabinoids present in your cannabis will depend on the cannabinoid profile of the weed or marijuana you use at home. Strains nowadays contain 10-20+% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical compound found in marijuana. Remember to always think about the things you are not confident of or lack knowledge of and about the strains you are consuming. You can discover many exciting cannabinoid profiles by doing research and collecting information that is conveniently available online. If you are fortunate to have access to local legal markets and outlets selling cannabis, you can ask local sellers or staff about extra information regarding the cannabinoid profiles of the marijuana products that you are buying.

Suppose you didn’t happen to live and have access to these markets, and cannot find any reliable source of information around or online about your strain. In that case, it is recommended to roughly assume the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level of your cannabis is within the safe amount zone of 15%. Assuming that the cannabinoids or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in your weed is 15%, given these numbers, it is predictable that every 1000mg of weed contains roughly about 15% mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So when using this cannabinoid in making CannaButter with a recipe of 500 grams of butter and 20 grams of weed, technically, the total Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) amount in that recipe will be 3000 mg because the 20 grams weed is multiplied into 150 mg of THC. In this safe method of calculating the dosage of edible cannabis, every gram of CannaButter will then contain an estimated average amount of 6mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in it. This way, it is safe, as this doesn’t overdose a consumer with over an average of half the dosage of THC.

These reliable and straightforward methods of calculating the dosage of edible cannabis will suffice to help and guide you in enjoying and taking your cannabis safely and efficiently. Whether you are a chronic or regular consumer or even a first-time taker of edible cannabis, these tips will help you achieve the best results while at the same time, enjoy a safe edible cannabis experience. Remember to calculate the dosage of edible cannabis, and always avoid overdosing and abusing your tolerance, as this will bring about adverse conditions and severe health problems. Lastly, do not go overboard and remember that in this world, your safety comes first all the time.

This article has taught you some ways of measuring the edible cannabis dose to avoid consuming too much of it. Calculating the dosage of edible cannabis is a key factor in obtaining the highest and safest consumption experience. Edibles are becoming more common today, and are becoming extremely well known, so enjoy them!