Dabbing: Can It Affect Your Health?

Dabbing is one of the many ways to use marijuana. For users, it is dubbed as a sophomoric way to get high. Although it is believed to pose a danger as suggested by the scientific community, many argued that it is a healthier process of taking the weed.

What is A Dab?

A dab weed mainly uses butane hash oil as the first extract. In producing a dab weed, butane is being removed, which results in a sticky, resinous dab. Aside from the use of butane in the extraction method, it uses other processes such as CO2 extraction and rosin.

The extract may contain up to 50-80 percent of THC. Aside from THC, it includes other components like cannabidiol and terpenes. It comes in many names such as wax, 710, shatter, black glass, errl, honey oil, budder, earwax, or honeycomb.

How Is Dabbing Done?

In dabbing, the user has to put the substance in the bong or a dab rig (when it is only used for dabbing) and heats it with a blow torch. Even without the traditional tools, dab may be done with the use of available devices such as e-nails, vape pens, vaporizers, hot nail or knife. Once it is heated, the user can start inhaling the vapour. Inhaling the vapour enables the user to gain the effects of THC.

Dabbing is an odourless way to smoke marijuana. For some experienced users, they use low-temperature dabbing tools such as carb caps or quartz bangers. This method is starting to get famous. Users suggest that cold-start dab does not quickly burn off the cannabinoids and the terpenes. It gives a less intense but long-lasting high for its users. For edibles with BHO, they can ingest higher THC concentrations, which results in a more potent high.

Unfortunately, with this method of using marijuana, some people were reported to pass out and have difficulty in breathing.

Why Do Cannabis Users Love Dabbing?

Cannabis users start to use the dabbing method in the idea of gaining a more intense and faster high. When smoking cannabis using this method, they quickly ingest higher levels of THC that causes the needed high.

Dabbing is not necessarily safe, as reports suggested. While others believe that it is safe because it is an odourless and cleaner way of taking the product, dabbing doesn’t necessarily pose the same result across users.
In the instance of dabbing butane hash oil, the concentrate contains benzene. Benzene is a cancer-causing chemical that is harmful to the human body. It also contains methacrolein, which is a harmful irritant.

Unlike other cannabis products, dabs are often made at home by users. It does not go through a good extraction process and may contain harsh chemicals. Some may even contain pesticides. Aside from pesticides, the concentrate may contain other contaminants. It contains high levels of THC that have a higher potential of intoxication. Further, its content of THC, CBD, and many contaminants can cause poisoning.

Why Is Cold Start Dabbing Safer?

Despite the claim’s adverse claims of dab concentrates, anyone should note that dabs are not all extracted with butane use. Methods of extraction, such as CO2 and rosin, may be used by the producers. As such, not all dab may be harmful at all.

On the other hand, low-temperature dabbing or the cold start is associated with less intense and a slower high. Hence, it is not as risky as the usual dabbing method.

What Are The Risks Of Dabbing?

Dabbing has some risks that need to be considered by users. Since it started to get famous, many users have become interested in using the method. Users use it recreationally too.

However, since dabbing provides a higher THC level that the users want, it may have adverse outcomes. The most common positive result may be an addiction. THC has a high potential to cause addiction. Given so, it may affect the mental aspect of users. Eventually, it will lead to personal problems, social problems, family relationship problems, and financial problems.

Although it may have negative results over time, users must remember that it does not directly mean that dab is not safe to use. Moderation is the key.

Dab Abuse And Withdrawal

When a person uses marijuana at an early age, the brain may be affected negatively. It is associated with a heightened risk of psychosis. Dabbing is suggested to have similar effects. A study of science directly suggested that individuals have a high tolerance and show withdrawal symptoms from dabbing. With this, it is significant that dabbing may increase the possibility of dependence or addiction.

Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include:


The person may experience temporary bouts of anxiousness. If left untreated, it may lead to other mental health problems.


This is the feeling of agitation. It is a result of stress, physical disorders, or mental problems.


As a result of anxiety, the person may be unable to relax.


Untreated anxiety may sometimes result in depression. A person may experience an intense feeling of sadness. Sudden loss of interest and disruption of daily functioning is also evident in this condition.

Insomnia and Fatigue

A person experiencing insomnia will have problems sleeping. Sapping the energy and mood, the person will feel drained physically.

Benefits of Dabbing CBD Wax

For some, dabbing is associated with a stereotype of stoner culture and a millennial dance move. But, in the cannabis industry, this way of using cannabis products is becoming a trend.

Dabbing CBD wax is safer. Take note, CBD products are cleaner than smoked cannabis. Unlike other cannabis products, CBD wax does not produce the high brought about by THC. It does not contain the intoxicating compounds found in marijuana since CBD is made out of hemp. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that contains less THC than marijuana.

CBD products may be taken in many ways. It can be through ingestion, vaping, or sublingual process. It also comes in many forms, such as gumdrop, vape, tincture, oil, cream, lotion, and even lip balm. Compared to the intake of other CBD products, CBD wax dabbing is more comfortable to ingest. It allows the compounds to enter the bloodstream within 5 minutes. Thus, the natural soothing effect can be felt by the users instantly.

In research done by Frontiers in Pharmacology, only 13 -19% of orally consumed CBD goes to the bloodstream. Dabbing helps increase the absorption rate.

However, no further studies back up the initial results of studies on dabbing CBD wax yet.

Vaping and Dabbing

Dabbing is suggested to be more effective than vaping. It uses a more potent form of CBD. Vaping, on the other hand, has to blend with other products to produce liquid substance.

For people who have trouble sleeping, experiencing soreness and anxiousness, dabbing may help them feel the benefits of CBD products. CBD products containing less than 0.3% of THC levels, such as the CBD isolate, are ideal for people who do not want the intoxicating high.

What Cbd Wax To Use For Dabbing

Various concentrated products vary in potency. For starters, it is highly recommended to use a smaller dose.

Also, users have to remember that alcohol-based extracts are not for dabbing. There are specific extracts for dabbing. Users may contact the shop’s customer service and ask for the available products to dab.


Dabbing is now becoming a trend in the cannabis industry. More and more people are enticed in the idea of dabbing rather than merely smoking cannabis products.

Users argued that dabbing is a more effective process of taking in the cannabis compounds into the body for the needed effect. On this note, dabbers claim that cold-start dabbing or the reverse dab is better than the traditional way of dabbing. It is because cold-start dabbing does not directly burn the cannabinoids and terpenes found from the cannabis product.

However, some researchers claim that dabbing cannabis may be harmful to the user. The dab contains high levels of THC, an intoxicating compound of cannabis, and it produces the high. Other than that, a dab is produced through an unsafe extracting method. Some use butane in the extracting method in the manufacturing process of dab. It makes it even dangerous.

Meanwhile, dabbing CBD products is also becoming a trend. CBD products are safer. CBD wax is for dabbing. Unlike vaping, it is suggested as an effective way of cannabidiol. Since CBD products like isolate contain less to none THC, it is more beneficial for the user. Users can dab without the possible effects of intoxication.

CBD products, as suggested, are beneficial, especially the dab wax. But, users still need to ask for the right dosage. Also, it suggested that users must use a smaller dose and add dosage from time to time.

Just like all things, dabbing has its pros and cons. Responsible use is always the key to experience the excellent benefits of this method.

Dabbing is one of the ways marijuana can be used. It’s called a facile way of getting high for consumers. While it is believed to pose a danger as indicated by the medical community, others have argued that taking the herb is a safe process. .