Cannabis Consumption: Dabbing Tips For Beginners

Dabbing is one of the newest methods being introduced today to take a brand new twist in your cannabis consumption. This method requires you to use a piece of equipment called a dab rig to heat your cannabis concentrate like the trendy Butane Hash Oil and inhale it to let its effects kick in. Many even consider dabbing as the most potent method of consuming your cannabis aside from edibles, which promise you a mind-blowing high for an hour.

The overall process of dabbing revolves around the extraction of concentrates from cannabis called “dabs” using solvents like Butane of Carbon Dioxide to separate trichomes from the cannabis material. This dab is abundant in THC, as well as in Terpenes and CBD. In particular, THC is what most cannabis users would want since it is responsible for the high effect they can acquire from dabbing.

However, dabbing takes more preparation than other cannabis consumption methods, which is why some may see it as too complicated or intimidating to try. In addition to this, the tools and kit you need for dabbing don’t come cheap and are very delicate to handle if you are not gonna use them. Count the fact that the usage of flame might pose a little danger to those who are not yet trained in using it or in the art of dabbing.

So with that in mind, here are helpful tips that will help you make your first dabbing experience faster and safer. Follow them all and expect to have a one-of-a-kind dabbing experience without any worries or fret.

Observe an Expert

What’s an easier way to learn the art of dabbing than watching your friends show you the ropes of how to dab. This is quite easy, especially for those who are visual learners who can learn things quickly by watching it as it boosts their confidence and anxiety, especially for those who are new to dabbing. Through this, you can get the right feel of what you are supposed to and how to do it.

Start With Little Amounts

Unlike other cannabis consumption methods, dabbing may require you not to dab an entire slab on your first go. This is different if you compare it with using a bong or joint. The high amount of THC found in cannabis concentrate might be too overwhelming if you overdo taking it in one straight and end up with unpleasant high. Take tiny crumbs of your concentrate first, and if you are not yet satisfied, take another. When it comes to dabbing for the first time, taking it slow and steady will give you that smooth high you want.

Avoid Burning Your Rig

Dabbing can be a meticulous method of cannabis consumption. Perhaps, that is the only price to pay to get that wonderful kick from your concentrate. But there is no need to worry about how to set it up. When you are preparing your dab, it is good to remember that only the nail must be burned and not the entire rig. Aim your flame precisely at the nail to avoid ruining your rig, especially if its price is a bit expensive. A drop-down adapter may prove to be useful if you want to prevent any cracks from appearing in your glass and further extend its life for longer usage.

Don't Burn Your Hands.

Most of the ways in cannabis consumption involve using fire, and dabbing is no different from them. During the dabbing process, be sure to avoid touching the nail with your bare hand once heated. Even after dabbing, wait for several moments before you can get your hands near the nail since it will still be hot for several minutes after. Take some extra precautions with your elbows and clothes, especially when you lean over to dab since they might get caught in the heat and fire.

Try "Cold Start Dabbing"

There is another way to enhance your first cannabis consumption using dabbing with better flavor and smoother hits. This is what they called “cold start dabbing.” Dabbing can be a bit harsh for the throat with its extreme temperature; you can lessen it significantly by lowering the temperature for about 315 to 450 F (157 to 232 C). This temperature is considered under the cold start dabbing method. The said method may not be as strong as the normal dabbing, but it won’t make you end up coughing hard on your first try and will allow you to take in more of a hit due to the less harshness it brings to your throat.

Set Your Timer

Using a timer for your dabbing is essential to know when your nail is heated to the perfect temperature. To enjoy this kind of cannabis consumption, anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds, should be more than enough to allow the nail to cool off and enjoy the taste of your dab in return. Take note that low-temperature dabs are the most flavorful, so be sure to be precise in your temperature and heating time.

Don't Overheat

For beginners, one of the important rules when dabbing is to understand its goal is to vaporize the dab and not to combust it. So it’s best not to overheat it and don’t take the dab while the nail is too hot. This will also lead to losing terpenes, which is vital to the high potency of the high and lessens the harshness of the hits you take. Since dabbing is a meticulous type of cannabis consumption, be sure to check some signs that will hint that your dab is ready like the glass turning into a dull red. For ceramics and titanium, be mindful of the time since their colors remained the same when heated.

Don't Miss The Bowl

Do not hold your concentrate over the nail before taking the hit. Although it does sound basic for dabbers, this mistake is often overlooked and leads to unwanted scenarios during your session, which might end up badly. When not done, this simple step will cause you to miss your bowl and waste your precious concentrates. One way to avoid this and enjoy this potent cannabis consumption is to hold your concentrate over a dish or at the side of the rig when you are ready. When all is set, move your nail quickly and keep your arm at a 45-degree angle.

Always Clean Your Equipment and Nail

It is always a rule of the thumb that every after session, one must learn how to clean his or her stuff. Taking care of your rig and nail is always essential to keep your cannabis consumption experience clean and tasty. Keep your tools and equipment always clean after usage to ensure this and extend their lifespan. Cleaning your nail will only require you to heat it and then wipe it down with alcohol wipes or a clean rag. Do the same for your rig as well as your mouthpiece.

Keep Things Clean Using A Dab Mat So You Won't Dirty Up The Tables.

It won’t hurt if you practice cleanliness every time you go for a dabbing session. It can be a bit messy at some point, minus the unnecessary clutter that might happen in the midst of your session. So we suggest keeping your cannabis consumption session always clean and tidy using a dab mat. These mats are non-stick, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying them and potentially wasting your waxes, oils, and concentrates. Moreover, they are non-slip, which will prevent your rig from sliding off your table and shattering it.

Take Your Time and Take Some Time Off

Like any other cannabis consumption method, dabbing must be done with moderation. Don’t rush in taking your second dab right after your first take. Relax and take your time to let its effect settle in for a while. Taking a high dose of THC can cause people to feel anxious, and the intense high that will run for an hour is not that good if you ask. It is best not to be overconfident during your first try in dabbing to avoid experiencing bad trips and to maximize further the potent effect of your concentrates. Taking your time will help you get to know your right dose and ensure you have a pleasant experience rather than a bad one.

Take Care Of Yourself

Coughing is often the prevalent problem being encountered by beginners in cannabis consumption methods like dabbing. After your first dab, the coughing and the heat can make your throat feel a burning sensation even if you begin with a small amount at a slow pace. Always keep water on hand to reduce the harshness in your throat. Dabbing can also make you feel different effects including dizziness, especially if you are not used to them. Taking a few snacks of cannabis products can help you diminish that dizziness and come in handy when the munchies strike.

Dabbing is one of the newest ways to take a whole new twist in using cannabis. And with that in mind, we brought you these useful tips to help make your first experience of dabbing smoother and better. Trust them and witness a one-of-a-kind dabbing experience without any fears or stress.