Cannabis Concentrates: How To Use Them

Cannabis concentrates have ultimately revolutionized the way we consume cannabis. While certain kinds of hash appeared in existence for the last few years, the demand for extracts has completely multiplied in recent years. Because of this, the market today incorporates all kinds of concentrations providing entirely new flavors, effectiveness, and results.

As the name implies, cannabis concentrates are produced by combining the chemical components (cannabinoids and terpenes) present in cannabis. There are several ways to do this, but they all include extracting the trichomes from the flowers of cannabis. These trichomes are the thin, sticky crystals that you can find covering the buds, which contain all the chemicals that make cannabis special.

Flowers are usually beaten and screened to create kief, which is then compressed into an old school block of hashish. A regular present-day cannabis concentrate is typically achieved through the procedure of solvent extraction. Production of Butane and Isopropyl is common among DIY hash makers and professionals. Through this process, “honey oil” or BHO is also produced.

The cannabis concentrate is as varied as it is useful. With too many different choices, it can be tough to monitor. But there are many advantages to these potent products – they give a fresher, less harsh draw filled with more medicinal compounds. Some present a choice in the form of handy, compact vaporizers.

Solvent-free extracts are the purest cannabis concentrates, and the easiest to produce at home. Blond pollen hash can be quickly jiggled from frozen buds by using a cheap pollen shaker. Bubble hash extracted from top-shelf water can be made using a tool the size of a coffee machine. Rosin can be pressed with a hair straightener from buds wrapped in parchment paper.

How to Thoroughly Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates


In simple terms, dabbing is a way of taking potent cannabis oil by releasing a small amount onto a hot surface and vaporizing it. Although it is not entirely unfamiliar to put hash oil in a bowl or in a joint, dabbing helps the consumer to get nothing but the potent reaction and taste of hash oil. Dabbing is without question the most common method for consuming concentrate.

Honeycomb and shatter cannabis concentrates obtained from BHO, including Rosin, are the popular extracts to dab nowadays. This is certainly an extremely impressive instant hit for anyone with a high tolerance as a dab hit. Dabbing is something of a developed taste.

How Does Dabbing Work?

Creating cannabis concentrates is the first step in this process. This is done by extracting the cannabis plant’s essential oils, typically either with a chemical solvent, such as butane, CO2, or propane, or using mechanical mediums like filtration screens.

Some forms and names concentrate, depending on the process used and the end texture: keef, rosin bubble, hash, resin, live, shatter, and the list continues. The fact is that these items are very unadulterated, containing between 50 percent and 95 percent THC subject to the extraction process and the extractor’s ability level.

Once this concentrate, which is unstained of plant matter, is applied on a hot surface, it bubbles away, producing a tasty and strong vapor that can then be absorbed through a glass pipe that looks like and operates like a typical bong.

The concept behind dabbing is to achieve a healthier and quicker high by using marijuana than the individual can attain from unconcentrated forms. The extra strength comes from the increased concentration of THC — the psychoactive cannabis component — and from the terpenes that can boost THC’s potencies.

Nonetheless, many knowledgeable users suggest low-temperature dabbing because they say it does not immediately burn off cannabinoids and terpenes like dabbing at high temperatures. It gives a high that is less unpleasant and lasts longer.

By Using a Dropper

The liquid THC is a tincture. A tincture is a liquid extract made to release its active ingredient by soaking a material in alcohol. In most tinctures, THC from potent strains will be the active ingredient.

The tincture list is practically infinite, because any plant, plant mixture, or even animal material may produce a tincture. Popular medicinal tinctures consist of garlic, hyssop, and sage. As the name suggests, cannabis tincture (or marijuana tincture) is a tint extracted from a cannabis plant.

Once a left behind extract, Tinctures are making a comeback. Under the tongue, dropping is superbly impressive. The after-effects of only a few drops of cannabis tincture typically kick in within 20 minutes.

Consume it

By decarboxylating them, you can effortlessly transform concentrates into edibles and warming them up slowly in fat or oil over a double boiler. Coconut oil, butter, olive oil, and even lard can all be infused with potent THC concentrate, giving you an extra punch to your favorite homemade food!

Concentrates can be utilized to infuse cannabis with all sorts of culinary delights and confectionery. Perhaps the most uncomplicated infusion of cannabis to achieve at home is the preparation of some cannabis butter. This edible also referred to as cannabutter, it is a perfect addition to the refrigerator of any stoner, because it is the main ingredient for edibles.

Dosage of all kinds of dishes and classics like cannabis brownies and cookies are always enjoyable. Just be uncomplaining for the effect that can take one or more hours to kick in. Not the usual way to enjoy concentrates, but if you have got boldness in the cooking area and wish knockout space cakes, go all out!

Wrap it

Except for a fat blunt with a gooey concentrate filled center, nothing beats an excellent fat blunt. Joints and spliffs complement the old world hash. Pollen, Polm, Pollen, Caramelo, etc. are often rolled up with tobacco. New concentrates combined with tobacco burns like a sparkler.

To form a decadent blunt core, today’s sticky icky must be insulated by crumbled nuggs. All can be blazed in a cautiously wrapped and rolled blunt, from runny BHO to shatter flakes. Not the most potent use of concentrates, but it does roll up for an awesome party.


A different way to take marijuana is by vaping. Vaping includes the inhalation of a liquid-vapor by the use of a vaporizer or e-cigarette. Even though this approach has made a splash in the last few years to be publicized as a “safer” way of smoking, its own set of hazards comes.

The newest indispensable stoner accessory is the vaporizer pen. Vaporizing concentrates is not only the best consumption approach but also the most favorable. Dabbing is crude but effective, while it is slick and practical to vaporize.

While the bigger desktop vaporizer is an excellent gadget for home use, the vape pen does the same job and can be taken almost anywhere. Additionally, if there is a need for watchful use, most of these devices are pocket-sized and simulate E-cigarette systems.

Advantages and Hazards of Cannabis Concentrates


In most cases, concentrates can be absorbed quicker than you would smoke marijuana. Cannabis concentrates can be comparable in potency to the user’s chosen strain depending on the person, but concentrate allows for higher efficiency.

Superior Flavor

At the time of the extraction process, flavor reduction cannot be avoided at the start of concentrates. Yet as the extraction method has improved, it has become possible for makers to recapture flavor and offer a more intact, and some say cleaner, encounter.

Being watchful

It is not a puzzle that smoke from marijuana has a lasting smell. Determined by potency and ventilations, the smell of marijuana smoke can last anywhere from 2–5 days. Lingering odors can sometimes spark off embarrassing incidents and legal issues. The scent does not cling to fabric, hair, or skin without any resin or smoke.

The most significant benefit of cannabis concentrates on recreational users than cannabis buds is the incredible potency. Even the ultimate most sustained dankest strain of cannabis can only generate nuggs (a piece of the bud substance of superior cannabis) with levels of 25 percent -ish THC. This is a more effective initiator component than good old school hash. New concentrates are extracted from phenomenally potent marijuana and purified to 90% + pure THC crystals.

Cons of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are not only more costly than classic marijuana, the initial onset costs of having the appropriate equipment such as vapes, pure butane, and lighters, etc., can be very expensive. Consumption of concentrates can also change your level of resistance for the worse, in the sense that it will take more and more to get the desired high over time. Quality standards can also be an issue with cannabis concentrates because they are much lower than other marijuana commodities. It’s crucial to look for quality concentrates from credible sources. If it’s not sold in a dispensary, stay away from it. A few casual users caused explosions that led to burning and casualties in infrequent situations. The combination of flame and butane (used at dabbing) should be handled only by skillful users.