Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam: 12 Best Coffeeshops

When you travel to Amsterdam, you can visit these 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that offer a great experience when you want to enjoy it. The history of the Dutch way back in the 70s is more in coffee shops. After that, lots of coffee shops have started to operate, and the Dutch became so popular when it comes to coffee. As a coffee lover, it is hard to choose from different coffee shops that offer excellent services. This article will help you to find the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The Important Thing To Do If You Are Choosing The Best Coffeeshop

Choosing the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam is hard. You’ll see a lot of good shops that will make your decisions complicated. It is essential to look for the best and have excellent service. A coffee shop with a nice environment will give you a great experience and a memorable coffee moment. This experience will provide you with an idea about their taste and prices. In this way, you can choose what’s the best that will suit your taste. This thing is essential, especially if you are a beginner. You can choose between the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that will give you a comfortable feeling. 

Doing research will be the best thing to do if you want to know about the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

12 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

This article is written with in-depth research on the best 12 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It already specifies the list of the coffeeshops that you should visit in Amsterdam.


If you visit Amsterdam, you should go to Boerejongens. It is one of the most excellent coffee shops you can find in Amsterdam. There are 4 coffeeshops of Boerenjongens in Amsterdam, and the first one is located in Baarsjesweg. Many people say that Boerejongens has the best buds in their places. As they are considered the best coffeeshops in Boerejongens, they have many customers and various choices. This is one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. As you enter their shop, you’ll see a budtender that is wearing white coats. It is one of the coffeeshops that have a smoking area. You should try their specialty, the choco banana haze sativa.

Grey Area

Grey Area has a small venue. But they have a nice coffee shop that you should go and see. The surroundings are very nice, and their people are very friendly. They have great offers that you will surely love. Even their choices are quite different, but their strain is made in high quality. One of the beautiful things there is the weather where it has a great temperature. There’s a big window that you can chill and relax while enjoying it. You should try their specialty, the hash Nepal creme.

Tweede Kamer

Tweede Kamer is one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that have started since 1985. They are open from 8 AM until 1 AM every day. They have a very friendly and active staff that you will surely enjoy. Same with other places, they have a small coffee shop, but the place is perfect. After you have coffee, you can try some munchies outside right after the coffeeshops. It is considered as the shop with the best cookies in Amsterdam. You should try their best choco skunk and banana cough.

Barney’s Coffeeshop

It is known as the most popular respected coffeeshops that you can visit in Amsterdam. It is one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It’s an award-winning shop that has a variety of weed choices and perfect surroundings. Its location is one of the reasons why people go there. It is located at the ground floor building of the old 16th century that attracts many people with its old style. It is also a pricey store when it comes to their strains, their menu is quite expensive, but it’s worth it due to their quality. You should try their best to offer King Hassan hash that you’ll surely love.

Coffeeshop Amsterdam

It is one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that is a perfect place to enjoy. Way back, it is known as Dampkring; it has a big three-story building and can welcome more than 90 customers. It is a great place to go to Amsterdam because it’s just a few minutes away from the popular Centraal Amsterdam. You can have a variety of options with their cannabis products, and you can surely make your cannabis experience more comfortable because of their friendly staff. One of the most exciting things is that they have a place where you can smoke and relax while drinking. You should try their best menu for the AK 47 strains.


It is a small coffee shop that has been located next to the canal. It is the best choice when you visit Amsterdam. It is one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that you can visit and enjoy. This shop won in the High Times Cannabis Cup many times and it is more accessible for the buyers. It has excellent quality offers when it comes to their cannabis choices. You should try their best menu, the Super Lemon Haze, and Amnesia Cream hash.

Bulldog The First

This shop has won the longest-running coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It started in 1975 and is considered the most popular among others. Its old history makes it more unique to all the cannabis users in Amsterdam. As you go to their shop, you can see the old days that bring you to the early stages. You should keep in mind that this place is very crowded due to its popularity. You should try their specialty, the Gorilla Glue. It is one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that you should visit and have a chill.


This shop has some potent cannabis. It also has a small space, so expect that it is crowded. It is also considered one of the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that have very expensive menus. It has a beautiful interior and some mellow music that people would like. This place is worth visiting because it is located next to the canal with a lovely place to enjoy. It offers an excellent view while you are sitting and chilling.

The Stud

It is one of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam that offers both local and international experience. It is a lovely and affordable place to enjoy. It is a coffee shop that offers low prices, yet your money is worth it. Their menu has the best quality. They have a digital touch screen menu. You should try their best to offer the Champagne Marco hash and the Big Buddha Cheese.


This coffee shop is located in Jordaan, one of Amsterdam’s districts that you will surely love. This shop makes you feel at home because of the atmosphere it has. It offers an affordable price yet with high-quality products and considering their place is not crowded. You should try their best selling Super Pollen hash and Thai pre-rolls.

420 Café

It is one of the most excellent places to visit in Amsterdam. It has a wooden design, which is mostly called a brown cafe. This shop doesn’t sell beer products, but they have a variety of choices regarding cannabis. You can see that their staff are very friendly and helpful to approach. You can try their special menu from weed, cakes, and juices that you’ll surely want to be back again. You should try their best to list the Maroc Red Hash.

1E Hulp

It is a place that people enjoy because it is located between the two famous places in Amsterdam. You can see a lot of choices for their cannabis products with a great deal. Their product prices are worth paying for. It has a prevalent location that people want to visit. Its design is attractive; they have a Moroccan styled place that makes it more comfortable and relaxing. You should try their best menu, the Lemonade and Mochi, which will surely give you the best experience.

Coffee Shops You Can Visit In Amsterdam

We have offered you the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam that you should visit and explore! These are some few things you should consider when you go there :

  • Go around the city of Amsterdam. You can see a lot of crowded places that have perfect prices. 
  • You should try to go to Amsterdam. There are lots of offers you can see. You can also use their map tool that will help you to know a lot of places and offers. It is very easy to use; you’ll just need to click the link provided and check what’s on the list of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. You can also see coffeeshops who are selling vaporizers. There are many things you can explore in this tool, such as cannabis clothing
  • If you are a beginner in this field, it is best when you start slowly. You should choose the best selling products like sativa strains. This will give you the energy to work for the whole day. The products in Amsterdam are very potent, so you should start with a small amount. You can purchase up to 5g a day in Amsterdam.

You should start with your new journey! Go and visit the 12 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Enjoy and be safe!

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