12 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam You Must Visit

Travelling is full of fun and adventure, isn’t it? If you are a tourist ticking Amsterdam off your travel bucket list or a local looking for something new but the best, hopping weed coffeeshops in Amsterdam will give you a pleasurable Adam style escapade. Dutch history on weed coffeeshops was present as early as 1972, and as the decades went by, countless coffee shops emerged and grew across the country.

Now, the question is which and where are the coffee shops you should visit? This article will show you the 12 best weed coffeeshops in Amsterdam that you must go and see.

How to find the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

With a lot of weed coffeeshops standing in Amsterdam, looking for the best coffee shops will not be an easy feat, but like the old saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”

Here are four points of criteria that you should consider in finding the best weed coffee shops that will provide you the fulfillment that you need. A good coffee shop must have a pleasant ambiance, provide knowledgeable expert information, have a wide range of choices, and caters to how you roll. Lastly, its price tags should be within your budget, of course.

These are excellent pointers to help and guide you to find the best weed coffee shop for you and your needs, especially if you are a first-timer—also, do research, research, and more research. There are a lot of coffee shops out there that trap tourists and have low star ratings.

Remember, you can find the best comfort in affordable choices yet have high quality.

12 Must-see Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

After extensive research, which includes doing field studies, we have put all data pooled together in a list that you must see when you are in the country.

Now, let us get started on those coffeeshops you have been wanting to know about!

1. Boerejongens

Famous for its most beautiful and potent buds, Boerejongens has successfully built four coffee shops across the country by hustling through the years. Their pioneering shop opened in Baarsjesweg and is the only one out of the four that provides a smoking room.

Boerejongens offers unique experiences to its customers, and each of all four shops has something exclusive for them. No two shops offer the same thrill.

When you enter their elegant weed coffeeshops, budtenders in their glossy white coats will welcome you. Their interior is as slick as their broad weed selection that you could easily choose from. They also allow their customers, who travel a long way to visit them, to sample their topnotch weed strains.

Do not miss out on their amazing Choco Banana Haze or their pre-rolled Green Magic!

2. Grey Area

The weed coffeeshop may have limited space, but they give friendly and hospitable vibes to their customers.

Grey Area’s weed selection may not be as many compared to the Boerejongens, but they curate their best cannabis strains with high detail precision.

If you are lucky to visit their shop in good weather, you may catch Grey Area opening their big front windows, and you can enjoy your weed in a comfortable and relaxing mood.

3. Tweede Kamer

Claiming our number three spot on this list is the Tweed Kamer. They have been up and open since 1985 and are serving customers with their daily needs from 8 a.m. until 1 o’clock the next morning. That 17-hour daily hustle does not make you question why they are one of the best.

Just like Grey Area, Tweede Kamer also has a small place, and catching a seat at their location could be quite problematic, but once you do get, their cozy ambiance would not disappoint you.

Your options do not limit the four corners of Tweed Kamer because just outside, Van Stapele Koekmakerjj sells the best cookies in the country.

Tweede Kamer shares their best strains, such as the Banana Cough and Choco Skunk.

4. Barney’s Coffeeshop

Barney’s is one of the best and most recognized coffee shops in the country. Their site is located inside the ground floor level of a building from the 16th century, which gives off quaint apothecary vibes. The marriage of the old and new times made a modern look of their site, made them win prizes, and their high-grade weed selection and outstanding customer service do not come as second.

Their weed selection is award-winning for no reason. Barney’s weed selection is of the top grade. Their price tags are slightly expensive compared to any coffee shop across the country, but their products are worthy of your every euro.

To make every cash you have count, try their Blue Cheese and King Hassan hash.

5. Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Did you know that Coffeeshop Amsterdam was initially named as Dampkring? Well, now, you do!

Coffee Amsterdam is a noticeably bright and casual three-story building located at an eight-minute walk from the Amsterdam Centraal, making it one of the best choices you must visit because of its accessibility.

They offer a wide range for their weed section, and with the approachable staff they have, they can guide their customers into making very knowledgeable decisions. They feature strains such as the AK – 47 and White Fire.

That is not all! Coffeeshop Amsterdam’s unique experience does not end there. They have their very own pub, just around the corner, where you can relax and chill out with an alcoholic beverage in one hand and a joint on the other.

6. GreenHouse

Located in the Red Light District near the canal, Green House is a small weed coffeeshop. Their good location puts them in an excellent position for tourists who are sight-seeing. Why is Green House on this list? Green House is one of the best because the Green House Seed Co. has bagged many the High Times Cannabis Cup for their various excellent strains.

Green House’s best sellers and the customer favorites are the Amnesia Cream hash and their pre-rolled Super Lemon Haze.

7. Bulldog the First

Founded in 1975 and holding Amsterdam’s longest running coffeeshop, Bulldog the First has a significant role throughout the decades in the cannabis community and this is why they are one of the best.

The Bulldog, the First establishment’s interior, connects and communicates with their customers through time by sharing their underground days’ scenes.

Who would not like to have the best? So, expect Bulldog the First coffeeshop to be crowded, especially on the weekends; you can have fun with their Gorilla Glue or Temple hash.

8. Amnesia

This weed coffee shop is located next to Amsterdam’s main canals, the Herengracht, which puts them in a unique location. Despite Amnesia having not much space and has a high tendency of overcrowding, it is still one of the best because once you get a seat in this amazing place with a cozy ambiance, you can enjoy your weed with an excellent view of the boats passing through the canal.

They are currently stocking on their pure and original Amnesia joints and Natural Sin ice-o-lator, so do not miss it!

9. The Stud

The Stud is a must-visit for locals and tourists, for they are known for two things: their price tags are not heavy on the wallet yet deliver top quality in their products. If you want to check them out, you can visit them at the Amsterdam East.

Go and try their Big Buddha Cheese and Champagne Maroc hash.

10. Paradox

Do you find yourself in the Jordaan parts of Amsterdam? Do not miss out on Paradox that offers affordable prices for their best strains.

Not only that, but Paradox also provides a space that is not overcrowded—a space where you can simply enjoy your weed outside the central area of the country.

The Paradox is currently featuring their pre-rolled Thai and the hash Super Pollen.

11. 420 Café

With their dark and wooden interior, one can mistake this coffeeshop as a typical Dutch bruin café. 420 Café sells various cannabis products, such as buds, hash, and edibles, at a reasonable price, but it is not the end of their exciting menu.

If you get the chance to check this place out, give their NY Diesel, and Maroc Red hash a taste.

12. 1E Hulp

1E Hulp is a renowned spot, especially with the locals, because it offers many choices for cannabis products at a decent price range and their unique Moroccan interior, giving their customers a homey atmosphere.

Check out their famous moonrock and weed strains like Lemonade and Mochi.

The World is Your Oyster

Just like what the saying means, this list is not the end of the fantastic weed coffee shops that represent Amsterdam. This list can only guide you, but it is up to you to have more fun and adventures.

Here are some good practices you should keep in mind when you are out exploring:

  • Tourist spots are not always the best spots due to overcrowding. Amsterdam has more to offer, go, and find the hidden gems.
  • Amsterdam offers maps for weed coffee shops also. Go search for some on the internet.
  • The country’s cannabis products can entirely give you a definite hit, so if you are a beginner, it is best to start slow and small with a Sativa strain, which will provide you with enough energy throughout your day.

Now go out in pursuit of adventure and life because the Venice of the North will not disappoint you. Aim high! Soar high!